Im Just A Girl....


You See, I'm Just A Girl....
A Girl with Unrealistic Hopes, who's grown accustomed to regrets
Who holds on to niggas with bad intentions
A Girl who has spent countless nights crying her soul out... In between Blue college ruled lines
They'll never see it coming down my eyes, I'd Rather make a Poem Cry...
... There is simply not enough space.
A Girl with a story to tell but It's illegal to chop down the trees needed to create the volumes of heartbreak I've endured.
Stories That I Wont Voice...
So i turn Ballpoints into Griots,to pass down stories.
YES, My Pen speaks for me...
I'm Just A Girl....
A Girl who owns a shoulder that they all come running to
A Girl with crooks in her neck from never having one to return the favor so I LEAN ON MY OWN.
A Girl who's heart bleeds blue
for every Amy Winehouse, Billie Holiday, and Mary J, song that she's lived through
... I'm really Just A Girl
Who's had as many shattered dreams and broken hearts as Grandma has had broken Mugs on Kitchen Floors.
My Ten fingers and Ten toes will not suffice in keeping count.

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3 Schitzos Talking

I love this .

You articulate yourself in such a way ..

I'm so proud of you Shen !!

I'm just a girl too, mama. *sigh*

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