I Appreciate Him ....


Martin Luther King Jr. has been inspiration to me for over 10 Years. When I was 8 Years old I Stood on top of a Jungle Gym and yelled the words "Free at last, free at last, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I'm free at last!!!!". When people were learning his "I Have A Dream Speech" I was interested in his "Drum Major" Speech because I have A Dream was a requirement, while I Was interested and didn't do it because I Was Obligated to.

Malcolm X has always had my heart, and at heart I feel like my mind, thoughts, and beliefs Embody all that Malcolm was; however Martin has always had my Ears and above all of that My Respect!

I can honestly say that even though I disagreed with his "Non-Violence" approach at gaining civil rights, he was successful in helping black people gain rights and become alot more active in America. I appreciate him for my voting rights, I appreciate him every time I sit in the front of a bus and can remain there if I choose to, without forfeiting my seat to the first Caucasian passenger that boards and is in need of a seat.

I thank him every time I See Barack Obama addressing the Nation as The 1st Black President Of The United States Of America (Even though I have my differences with some things he does as president).

Thanks for everything Dr. King

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great read shen!
as an african american we all have something to appreciate him for

Good Post Sis!!

Kickin knowledge to those who need it ..

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