The Bronx & Brooklyn Is Hungry...


All Of my New York Natives and Bloggers, I was reading the NY times and here is an article that I just want to highlight for you guys. Something we should know but don't because we're eating while others aren't:

A major swath of the Bronx has the highest hunger rate in the entire nation, according to the results of a bombshell new survey.

More than 36% of the people in the 16th Congressional District - stretching from south of Fordham Road and west of the Bronx River - who participated in a Gallup survey responded in the affirmative when asked if there were times in the past year when they did not have enough money to buy the food they or their family needed.
The survey ranked the 10th Congressional District in Brooklyn as sixth in the nation, with nearly 31% of respondents suffering hunger-related troubles.

The Bronx is the number one hungriest place in the nation; Brooklyn is number 6.


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1 Schitzos Talking

wake-up call.

I might sound ignorant and say its hard to believe because I think of other places BUT im not saying I dont believe it.

I take a lot for granted and when I see ppl without and read things as such its a reminder to humble myself.

Thanks for sharing this.

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