Some Things Aren't Supposed To Happen


Like Kelly breaking Zack's Heart.
I dont know about anyone else, but When Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski Broke Up ... I cried.
I was young, and that was just not supposed to happen. They're still supposed to be together now. But no she's married to some rich FBI agent on one show, and he's a broke ass DA, and most of his clients end up going to jail, as well as him
Kelly Kapowski is the devil

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5 Schitzos Talking

He's not a DA on Raising The Bar, he's a public defender.

If he was a DA he would be (slightly) wealthy.

....anywho, I cried too :)

I also cried. SMSH!

i was sooo sad when they broke up...but did you see saved by the bell college years...they end up getting married :)

lol i still watch the re-runs of saved by the bell .
them kids was my life , until ...
these two showed me what real love can do to you. *sigh*

@Penandpaper.... Yes. Life will never be the same hun... Never

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