Defaced Property

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Im Going back to Basics. My Inspiration? Art, .... once again.

Strong Ties.


Steady Clownin'

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5 Schitzos Talking

ahhhh lil sis, where you been love?!? glad to see you back in action n yes, oftentimes it's when we go back to the basics that we get the best results..i emailed you n stuff too..i'ma try again in the am, so be on the look out for it lol..but yo, i LOVE photography n as always, you pick the best pics..

omg that first picture is SICK! i LOVE it!
your first love is art..then make some nasty ass passionate love to it and show us what you come up with

Rayyy. I've been stressed. Long story. I'll definitely be looking for that E-Mail. Im gonna tell you EVERYTHING when I reply Lol.

Daja, Art is second, The pen and paper has always came first Lol!

The second one is banksy, right? I skimmed through his book and realized I might have to buy it.

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