You're A Bitch, We Know.


*To The Tune of You're A Jerk* - "You're A Bitch we know, bitch bitch bitch bitch"

Dudes who Bitch all day about "bitches" are a bunch of Bitches.

I know a dude, who talks about ugly girls, fat girls, and girls with no profile pictures, or profile pictures that he doesn't like allllll day. I sit, stare at him, and think "Why do I associate with this guy, he's a bitch. If I wanted a bitch for a friend I'd get me a fucking puppy"

So therefore.... this friendship is null and void.

Calling People Ugly...

You think it makes you look better, but it makes you uglier, on both the inside and outside, because now that your calling that person ugly, I'm sitting there expecting to find one drop dead gorgeous feature on you, and I can't. (Run on sentence... oh well)

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lol yeah, i got plenty of ppl i associate with that do that...maybe i should cut them loose? lol *shrugs* anywho, true indeed love, true indeed

Bonus points if they're ugly and talking about ugly people. Not to mention that someone's attractiveness is purely opinion.

The fact that he does this on a daily basis says a lot about his self-esteem. I mean, couldn't he be spending this time looking for attractive women to actually socialize with?

this made me laugh super loud..
ugly is an ugly word that only a few can use. we can talk about ppls clothes, jewelry, choices because they choose those things but to talk about their looks/what they are born with..and what WE think is UGLY is dumb.

now i've done it but im not happy and i really dont do it anymore..

you probably dont care about blog awards but you are on my list on my blog!!!

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