The Black College Experience [Pt. 1]

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So my roommate has her best friend over, she's staying with us for the ENTIRE WEEK not just a day or two, or the weekend ...a WEEK. I met her she's cool but she's really loud and country ghetto. Theres a difference between city ghetto and country ghetto, the only way you can understand that is if you experience it, and because its 1 in the morning and i actually have better shit to do, i dont think i'll explain it to you. Maybe one day i'll explain it to you in detail but not tonight. BUT ANYWAY the bottom line is i hardly like my roommate so i most likely wont like her friend. Ughhh the trials and tribulations of students in black colleges, i know i should have went to a more diverse school. Even though my school frustrates me I must admit theres no experience like the HBCU experience, it wouldnt be as fun or feel right without the dysfunction. I Love it, especially my school's band who has won battle of the bands each year for the past two years and even though my football team isn't really worth shit i love them guys too....

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Lol, wow sorry about the roommate situation. I had the same problem when I was in college. I had to end up getting my own room. Fuck that. I told my dad, it was either that or prison, cuz I was going to snap my roommated neck.

sucks reading all that stuff about the whack ass room mate's friend. What college do u go to?

i feel u 100% on this. going to an HBCU myself ive encountered the country ghetto and im use to the city ghetto. ughh its so frustrating at times. lol

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