Day 2 [Roommate's Friend from HELL]


Soooooo this bitch is nasty. Yeah my roommate's friend that i told you about is a NASTY BITCH. Did she just Funk up my room farting all night in her sleep. Im a homicidal maniac right about now. I have a temper, im ready to get back to NYC, i miss my family, The weather is messed up out here, My fathers not giving me the money i ASK for, Im broke and got stuff that i want to get, I Haven't Had sex in a year, classes are pissing me off, teachers are pissing me off, EVERYTHING is pissing me off. This stuff is going to lead to someone other than my demise. On another hand, basketball season is FINALLY about to start, I love basketball season. Regarding Ol' Nasty ass Im going to Woo-Saaaa A couple of times close my eyes and speak to my roommate about this in the morning.

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You should listen to "Electric Relaxtion" or "Day & Nite". Sounds like your going through hell right now. But if someone farted while they were sleep, I'd wake them up and kick em out.

Lol no, that would be mean at 4 in the morning plus she is FAR away from home. I really wanted to tho

Ewww I hope you were woke when she farted because if she farted and the smell and/or sound woke you O_O what the hell was she eating

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