Hillary Duff, Your so Gay.


-- Adjective meaning crazy, psycho just very What The Fuck-ish.

OK SO I Have a host of fuckery to share with you today boys and girls.

Thats So Gay The PSA

This Fucking PSA Is Whats GAY

I Bet Hillary Duff wont say this shit in Katy Perry's Face.
who has an entire song called your so GAY! dedicated to really gay shit and metrosexual men [which are really heterosexuals posing as Homosexuals and probably the other way around]

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1 Schitzos Talking

Man, Hilary Duff hasn't been getting attention since Lizzie McGuire, so nobody's listening to her ass.

Besides, when I call something I don't like "gay", I'm saying it sucks, not that it's bad. I remember seeing a poll somewhere that states that more homosexual men prefer oral sex as a means for sexual pleasure more than anal sex, so therefore if I say "that show is gay", I'm saying it sucks, so in your fucking face, Hilary.

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