Im Feeling Very Gangsta Today

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Yep I Feel Like A Thug. So basically I Bust Out The 50 cent "Get rich or Die Tryin'" Album. You may hate 50 cent as much as you please but you cant deny that this is a classic album. No its not because i live in and grew up mostly in South Jamaica [even though i was born in Brooklyn and love BK more]. It just was a hot album and i bet you knew all the words to "in the club" or "wanksta" just like i did.

BUT wait my gangsterism doesnt stop there. I think that I'll go deep in the mixtape box and pull out "Power Of The Dollar" By 50 as well, which by the way was a great mixtape if you missed out on it you missed a great mixtape. Find it and listen to it.

And You can call 50 all kinds of snitches, I DONT CARE Ghetto Qu'Ran was a ill ass song!

So I Leave You With This:

Question: Whats the original Song to the Beat of Ghetto Qu'ran? THE ORIGINAL SONG?

Lets see what you guys REALLY know about music.

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I remember this song, Power of The Dollar was the album that Columbia shelved btw. I'm not sure who else sampled this too though

yah but in queens it was a mixtape first, when we bought it we bought it from a store on jamaica ave. in south jamaica queens That ONLY sold g-unit mixtapes [no albums not even get rich or die trying just mixtapes] so i kinda just figured it was a mixtape ....idk

but alot of people sampled that song

Smilez and southstar - tell me (whats going on)

Shaq - dont know what song because i dont listen to shaq

ORIGINAL was Dianna Ross ft. Marvin Gaye - stop,look,listen

Thats an interesting fact. Beat that Columbia! lol. I'm kind of a wu tang head so I stayed away from Smilez and Southstar and only listen to one Shaq song in my life, "You Can't Stop The Reign" I believe. Only reason I listened to that was because Biggies on it lol.

The only Shaq song I remember is "Tell me how my ass tastes".

I didn't like "Wanksta" and "In da Club" like that being that I was sick of hearing them, but I do, however still remember the words to "What Up Gangsta" and "Heat".

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