Its Only The Best Show Ever: WEEDS

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I Hate television because theres like 3,476,492,304,129,336,443 fucking degrading to the entire HUMAN SOCIETY shows [not just black people like flava flav and new york].
We have survivor, people eating bugs for a million dollars. The bugs may kill them before they get to spend all that money, bugs were not meant to be eaten im suprised PETA hasnt come for your ass!

We also have BACHELOR and ROCK OF LOVE, so white people, you make asses out of yourselves just like us black people do.

Hispanics, all of your "novelas" are shameful. I've tried to watch that shit so i know what im talking about.

Lets Not leave the ASIANS out. Tila Tequila, and them stupid ass game shows did you guys in.

BUT THE ILLEST SHOW EVER CREATED, has to be WEEDS that comes on showtime.
Weeds Pictures, Images and Photos

Its the perfect show for all of the U.S.A [United Stoners of America] They show how an average mom who lost her husband and tried to hold her family together grew from a small time dealer to a real fucking Kingpin
[how you like that desperate housewives, none of you have SHIT on Nancy Botwin.]

weeds Pictures, Images and Photos

Heres a Trailer for season 4 i believe:

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