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A week ago people were asking of the whereabouts of a very famous word named Swagger nicknamed "Swag". People have reported it missing and we have finally found out the whereabouts. At 3am last night in a dark alley in brooklyn a man on his way home from work found it laying near a dumpster. The witness who recovered "Swag" said "Man i dont know, i heard about it in the newspapers but i never thought that i would be the one to have to find swag there all beaten and bruised and..........dead" as he choked back laughs tears. Funeral arrangements were immediately held for swag as if it were a jewish person from a rabbi's immediate family. If you know of the whereabouts of the murder please call 1800- stopcrime

First and foremost, i personally attended the very short straight to the point funeral for the word:


R.I.P Swag/Swagga/Swagger. You will not be missed.

"Its not So Harrddddd To say goodbyeeee to yesterdayyyyy"

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Is it too early to pop champagne in memory of swag?

I remember when I met Swag. Honestly, I didn't really like it, but he was a big hit with the "cool" kids, ya know? Everyone knew Swag. After Kanye and some other guys dedicated a song to him, he started going in to a sort of downward spiral. The fame went to his head. I wouldn't be surprised if he OD'd on something or if he wasn't killed out of jealousy by the word "Fresh".

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