Things You SHOULD not do
"Just Because You Are A Rap Artist" [Pt. 1]

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#1 On the List Of "Things You Should Not Do Just Because Your A Rapper"

Just because you are a rap artist [if that's what you want to call this clown] does not mean that EVERY GIRL wants you, and everyone wants to show you love.

Here's One For "Things You Shouldn't Do "Just Because You Hang Out With Rappers":

Other than believing that **groupies DO want you another thing that you ***SHOULD NOT do just because you hang out with or are affiliated with a rapper, is egg him on when he is carrying out an action that could become a sexual harassment lawsuit.

That is NOT being a good friend helping his ego when the end result may be him getting sued or going to prison is NOT good. Understand?

Here is Prime example of BOTH Ignorant ass things you shouldn't be doing:

Lets Break This Down

@ 12 seconds Rapper known as Freekey Zekey decides to jump on a table to dance with a very pretty young lady [who should not have had her ass on the table in the first place unless she's being paid by the club to dance there].
--->That is SEXUAL HARASSMENT whether you believe it or not. She said stop and stop means for you to cease or end whatever action you are engaged in, in other words cut that shit out

@20 seconds young lady wants nothing to do with mr. Freekey and pushes him off.
--->That is more reason for you to BACK OFF before she gets her brother whose fresh out of jail to whip your ass. Dipshitset or not you are capable of getting "fucked up" as people may say.

@30 seconds Mr. Freekey deemed it an Appropriate action for him to open a bottle of champagne and damage what appears to be a VERY EXPENSIVE weave that belongs to the aforementioned young lady because his feelings got hurt.
--->Property to damage you can be sued [j/k]. But not only are you acting like a "Bitch" your showing "The bitch inside of you" by acting like "A woman scorned" As a rapper that's NOT considered "gangsta" at all

@52 seconds A "friend" comes up and says "Who da hell is that girl" Which are seemingly the "Lyrics" of the song playing in the background. Bad Friend, Very bad friend.
--->First lets start off by saying that "song" is Wiggedy wack [cant believe i said that] and your running around like the homo penis buffer that you are reciting that shit, as well as trying to make Mr. Freekey feel better about REJECTION. You should have checked him, and if you choose not to check him you should not have participated in the fiasco...AT ALL. So now your labeled "Clown Ass Nigga"

**Red = NO, they don't want you
Green = Thing Not To Do

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3 Schitzos Talking

I'll never understand shit like that. If I got rejected, I'd be like "okay, that's cool"(unless she was being a bitch about it), but I don't see the point in constantly harassing a female when she says no. Plus, Freekey Zeekey is a nobody.

I saw this vid a couple days ago and it annoyed the hell outta me...I hate when guys get mad cuz u dont wanna talk 2 them...Freaky need 2 grow up

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