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Kanye West's Album is completely autotuned at first im like, man fuck t-pain for this. I really hated him for a second, especially because Kanye sounded like his mouth was full of peanut butter when he said "love lock down." I compleyely blamed T-Pain and his clown ass.
But alot of the songs that i've heard so far are so ill that i might buy the album even though he does sound like Rosie Jetson got a record deal.


But coldest winter, that song right there, that song right there nigga....thats my song.

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5 Schitzos Talking

I've been listening to Coldest Winter non stop since I've heard it. I think I was too quick to judge the way the album was going to sound and not hearing the final product first. If the other songs sound like Coldest Winter and Heartless then I'll buy it.

See!? That song is my shit. I'm going to listen to it when it snows and I'm sitting on the porch being retrospective.

Uh...Rosie Isn't Part Of The Family. She Just A Maid. Anyhoo, 808's And Heartbreak? Nikavelli Approves!!

lmao! i agree. even worse then lil wayne who sounds like someone is stepping on his throat.

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