Distant Summer.....

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Whoever said it's impossible to miss
what you never had .....
Never ALMOST had you.

---Tamia (Almost)

Has there ever been that one person that you talked to for a while and some how some way just lost track of them over time for whatever reason...or no reason at all?
And you wonder what happened to them?
Or what would have happened between you guys if you had done things differently?
Have you Ever dumped one person for the next person, and then wondered what would have been different if you had stuck with the other person? (Keep It Real Yall)

I was sitting and thinking about the "Good Ol' Days" These are days prior to "The Hype" before Darryl passed away. I was thinking about this party Darryl had threw one summer. I met this really really nice guy....we'll call him "Mister".
So anyway i met mister at Darryl's party and we exchanged numbers. It took me like a month before i hung out with him.

After we hung out that day and i fixed his mom's thing-a-majig (Some kind of bathroom shelves) because he didn't want to (Or didn't know how to), we started talking about alot of stuff. Surprisingly i felt like i was Oprah and he was on my couch because we were just talking about a whole bunch of personal stuff. I could tell he was a genuine person and we didn't even realize it was dark outside so he took me to my aunts house (where i stayed all summer). He even called me the next day to make sure i was alright (because of something that had happened while i was there, dont worry it wasnt anything bad guys) which was really nice (aww)

Long story short, communication became scarce because he was always busy and i had started talking to some-one new ("The X" of 6 years). So when Mister had found out through mutual friends he said he would just fall back....*Sigh* and i let him.

Sometimes i miss Mister and i wonder what would have happened if i would have stayed with him instead of the the X. I wonder if we would have ended up in some kind of messy break up that summer or if we would still be together today? *Sigh*

I wont beat myself up over it, i just wonder what would have happened...if i did things differently that summer

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AWWWWWWWW,sometimes people in your life are like seasons they come and go, and you find yourself remembering what happened. I wont be surprised if he just POPS up in the future,and you guys get married.............SSSSYKKKKEEE!!!!,lolololol. JUSS KIDDIN.

You gotta look on the positive side, maybe you guys didnt get together for a reason, but hopefully if its meant to be, you two will find each other again (fingers crossed)

I love that Tamia song;

I know exactly how you feel.. (or somewhat like it)

I often sit and wonder the same things. You will just never know, and if he was REALLY like the one to be around for a while, believe that he will come back for a 2nd run at things. It just sucks that you have to wait for "if's" you know ??

I'd reckon most have had a similar experience. It's an interesting experience to realise that it's impossible to ever know. Glad you like the photo though. :)


Yeah I think we all remenisce and think about whatever happen to so and so. I know I've even gone as far as saying hey let me try to look so and so up on myspace or face book. But I'm still a firm believer of things work out as their supposed to, so there was a reason you and MR. didn't get together. Even if you don't yet know that.

-->Shush LOL

@ Tuotierugif
nah if we meet up again we probably wouldnt even kick it off like that. I just wonder what WOULD have happened thats all

@ill; kinda
yes ma'am that is my songgggg

@paul that picture was B-E-A utiful (got that from a movie LOL)

@brothers blog
Yep i know that, but hey, you cant stop the mind from thinking what it wants to ...


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