Red Light Special (Lmao)

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So LOL, Im on the phone with my grandmother and she asks me "Whats The Red Light Special". Im thinking OK LADY its time to take you straight to the old-folks home (Just Kiddin) but i thought she was trippin. So im like "I dont know Nana" (What i call her). She's Like "I dont know i think its a food commercial or something for car insurance or something because the baby keeps singing it". So im like let me speak to baby (What i call my Lil' Cousin) so im like "Hey Baby, whats red light special" so she starts singing in her cute little baby voice "Im givin juuu a weddd liiieeee specchuulll" (Red Light Special By TLC)

I laugheed and told her give nana the phone back. I said Nana Thats a song by TLC, she was like what is it about ...i hesitated....LMAO


her - "Whaaaaaat! Im thinkin baby in here singing a damn free credit report dot com song she in here singing bout sex?

Lmaaaooooooo Lawdy lawd knows my family is something else

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24 Schitzos Talking

aw! I wish I had animated cuzins that lol

aawwwww man!!!!,thats priceless!!!!

That is too cute and too funny.

Real dope & Funny...


LMAO, your grammy is toooo adorable!!!

Yeah, it´s amazing.It´s from Urban Outfitters.

i read this last nite and didnt have the time to comment..this was cute..and funny lol

I bought a samsung behold, it's like this all touch. competition for the iphone. But I may take it back... idk yet

Lol. I remember my mom asked me what a "rusty trombone" was.

Wait, how the hell does a five year old know the words to Red Light Special? She should be singing "Chopped and Screwed" or something.

off the chainz

LMAO @ E-Rich ....

I dont even know what a "Rusty Trombone" is ....explain ...matter fact im on my way to YOUR BLOG to ask lol

lol that was so cute!

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lmfaoooooooooooooooooooo! that's adorable and funny at the same time!

Just dropping by to check you out.

Let me know what you think about this.

She is Just Not That Into You


Lmaooo @ a free credit report!! Do they really have a free credit report called Red Light Special?! Cuz I need to sign up for it if they do. Tell your grandmother to holler at me. Seriously, that is one 3 way call I wish I could've been in on, lmao! Adorable.

hahahahahah YES that is awesome :) hehe.

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