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Dont Worry Guys I Should Be REALLY Blogging soon. Maybe a dear diary entry....maybe not.

This Nancy Grace News Reporter Lady For CNN Is OBVIOUSLY Obsessed with "Finding Caylee" If you haven't heard Caylee Anthony is a little girl whose mom probably most likely killed her and hid the 3 year old toddler's body
Dear Nancy Grace,

....... Please get a life.

-- Shenda.

Nancy Grace Is A Stan For The FIND CAYLEE Crusade. Caylee's Harder to find then Osama Bin Laden. Maybe her Murderer Mom Knows where he is too.....I swear if you google her and Caylee's Name...You'll get a million things popping up.

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hell yeah..and its actually kinda crazy too see that. but nancy is always an advocate for missing children even Chanel Petro-Nixon. the girl from bk that was found in a garbage bag on kingston ave. I think its fucked up that they kill kids. but Id rather here about Caylee than fucking Natalie Holloway..(Aruba) because unlike Chanel and Caylee.she did that shit on her own..by going out with a group of spanish niggas she aint know...smh.

Are You Serious? IDK but she's ALWAYS talking about Caylee, though tonight she mentioned some 9 year old girl who was stabbed ...

I agree with the Cyndi(if that's not your name, I'm sorry but that looks really cute.) If I hear anything else about Natalie Halloway and all those dutch people I'm going to go nuts. It's NO WAY that they can possibly find this girl or even prove that those 3 boys killed her. Let her rest in peace. & I'm bout to google Caylee & whatever happened to that girl from spain who was kidnapped?

@Lynette i think they found her dead .... Im not even sure

so sad. I feel so sad for the babies. Especially little Julian King, that was just so close to home man.

I stopped watching CNN for a bit after the election because that was the second most watch channel in the house (after ESPN). So I am thankful that I dont have to hear it!. LMAO at the letter.

But OMG with Holloway girl...That needs to be closed. I hope its closed-with all due respect to the family.

@ Lynette....aww cyndi IS cute. I doubt Cyn-City would want to change her name again. She has 100 lol j/k.

wow lol and Im so sad about the missing toddler...im almost sure she is dead by now..It hurts I have a 2 year old daughter....people are sooo terrible...and pleaseeee do ur diary blogss that will be a good read like we are sneaking to read ya shit...u remember those diaries u had as a little girl with the little lock that any 7 year old could pop open on some easy shit...smhhhh latas mama.. CHAP 4 is up!!! xoxoxo

she should be obsessed about all kids then..not just one. i hate that there are kids out there that no one really knows about that are missing too. the media is fuxxed up.


i think thats why i get annoyed with her....

I know theres like a million exploited children, missing children, and murdered children

Since this story seems to NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE why doesnt she just go ahead and shed light on yet another case

hell yea man i used to love Nancy Grace show until Caley ass came up missing...thats alllll she talks about im like damn i know its other stuff going on in the world..like wtf..i know her ratings went down

In a way its good, but there are so many other kids out there missing too that she could be advocating for :( sadly, I don't think caylee is alive anymore and all of these efforts can now go into finding another child who recently came up missing...?

@tuotierugif .....agreed. sadly, yes i think caylee's dead and its time to move on and let the law take matters into their hands and figure this mess out

I think Nancy is completely comsumed with Caylee. I'm all for publicizing missing children, but like the others said, some of that energy she's been using could go toward coverage of other cases. I think Nancy be needin her meds. Thats all.

Lmao @ teems...BCS all day! its Cyncere yall. but Cyndi is cute..never thought about that one...
for the record that natalie holloway case has been closed for almost 2 years now. but for some reason she keeps coming back like Michael. lol..She is defiently dead. the girl in spain died i thought. and the media thinks they did it. so do i. why would they go to a party and leave there kids in the hotel room. all of them under the age 7..that makes no damn sense. and yeah nancy grace act like Caylee her grand daughter or some such shit. last month they found her hair follicles in her mothers trunk. but the root showed that it was from a corpse. and the dna matched caylee. so why are we still talking about this? case closed!!

LMAO @ caylee being her grand daughter Mwahahaha

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