Myspace Is The Devil???

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I'm from new york and even though I'm from out of state i STILL read the NY newspapers online. The daily news was always one of my favorite newspapers when i was home and I've recently become obsessed with the NY Times. Well OK enough of that i came across an article in the NY DAILY NEWS and it was about a 12 year old girl who may or may not have been kidnapped but has been missing for a week. I'll post some of it:

A Brooklyn couple fear their 12-year-old granddaughter missing for more than a week may have been baited into danger by an online predator.

Neighbors last saw Juliana Carrozza on Nov. 14 as the girl climbed into the back of a black sedan. The car, possibly a livery cab, peeled off about 5:45 p.m. near her home on Vanderbilt St. in Windsor Terrace.

"She was on MySpace, and we think she got lured into a trap," said her worried grandfather, Vinny Carrozza, 63, who has custody of the girl.

"She went on MySpace a lot, fooling me and my wife," Carrozza said. "She knew how to delete it without us picking it up. The language on there was disgusting for a 12-year-old. There was guys there, too."

OK that's sad, i hope she returns safe and all, but HOLD UP ....keep reading because it gets interesting:'s terms of use agreement says that visitors to the site must be at least 13 years old. New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has appealed to MySpace to increase security on the site and weed out sex offenders' profiles.

The social-networking site was sued in January by families of several teenage girls, including one from New York, who said they were raped by men they met online.

So we're going to blame myspace because people choose to let computers and televisions raise their children now? I don't understand how these people are blaming electronics for their kids being stupid enough to go out and meet men they don't know,... alone. I understand the purpose of Myspace, its called "Social Networking". Not "keep the kids safe"

I know raising kids is not easy but lets be honest, there are filters on computers that prevent kids from visiting these sites, there are rules "you cant join unless you are 13 or over" there is only so much Tom and his people can do to prevent these kids from danger. As a parent you should be able to accept the fact that your child is a dummy....and you should try to educate them on the dangers of meeting should also take full responsibility when something like this happens. They knew damn well she was on myspace if not..they wouldn't be blaming mysapce for her being missing. I would have whipped her ass every time i caught her on the computer NOT doing homework anyway. She's 12, and not able to know NOT to talk to strangers then she has no business on a computer.

DON'T blame myspace and its administrators.

As far as the girls who were raped, yall gonna really blame myspace for meeting strange men on the Internet? seriously? YOU CHOSE to talk to this strange man. YOU CHOSE to give him your phone number. YOU CHOSE to meet him ALONE in some secluded spot. YOU CHOSE to do all of this, blame yourself and your choices. Parents should blame their damn self. Even at 12 i wasnt this naive.

And for REAL SOCIAL NETWORKERS i hope your all smart enough to know that the only socializing you should do is over the Internet and if ever you need to meet someone i hope its for legitimate parties, events, and in well lit places or in a GROUP.

It says MYSPACE: A PLACE FOR FRIENDS! not MYSPACE: a place to meet strangers and try to hang out with them thinking they don't want sex. I'm very suspicious of every ones actions an motives, and i guess being from New York, the first thing i think is, This dude is a rapist..a pervert..not right in the head. *sigh*

Please get a hold of your kids and stop letting computers and other modern day technology raise them....

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I feel bad if she was really taken.. But damn a lot of others are dumb, how gullible can one person be.. myspace has been around for how many years now?

lmao @ MYSPACE: A PLACE FOR FRIENDS! not MYSPACE: a place to meet strangers and try to hang out with them thinking they don't want sex.

you can't blame anyone but her parents because i was told soooo many times, dont talk to strangers. i had the internet in my bedroom when i was 12 thats like 10 years ago and even back before myspace etc... I would never meet someone out of a chat because I KNEW BETTER.

Preach it sista! We cant blame myspace.

I hate when I hear these stories and facebook or myspace is mentioned, it makes the sites seem bad instead of the perverts who are doing this stuff online before myspace and fb it was what yahoo chat rooms among many others that these creeps hung out in, ugh I think parents, grandparents, older siblings, cousins etc need to watch the young people in their family and make sure they don't have open access to the internet and if they have myspace/facebook pages then they should know the passwords and constantly check up on them. I remember when fb was only able to be accessed by college students, sometimes I wish it would go back to that lol

Exactly. Kids don't really understand "social networking" so they fall into these traps easily. Don't blame myspace, blame the parents or guardians.

I think it is very silly for folks to blame others for them not teaching their kids to not be aware of the dangers that lurk on and offline. We are raising a bunch of gullible children. I hope this has a better outcome.

its sad; people are always looking for someone else to blame. these parents need to step up and take responsibilty for them not teaching their child better. my son is only 6 yrs old and even if someone i know but he doesnt know talks to him, he KNOWS better! i say better safe than sorry! it's a sad situation about the girl, i hope she is found and safe. but they need to stop blaming myself for shzt when it goes wrong and blame their own selves for being nieve!

** correction, stop blaming myspace ((not myself haha))

man when will ppl learn..its not MYSPACE's fault ur 12 yr old child is on myspace puttin 65 as there age and shit..ppl really need to do a reality tom can personally quiz each person and see there face when they become a member..when i was 12 the only thing on the computer i could do was type up a book report or play the sims..


true story.....It says MYSPACE: A PLACE FOR FRIENDS! not MYSPACE: a place to meet strangers and try to hang out with them thinking they don't want sex,lol. that line had me rolling........

i had the mttm x nike's on ;] lol
12 yr olds shouldnt even fuckin have a myspace lol point blank period, but ayee what can you do it definitely isnt the websites fault tho is very sad and its also true what ur saying im a mom and I would filter shit out on my computer when my daughter gets older....we cant blame tv computer for our kids fucking up..I do hope that lil girl is ok...=[

That is horrible, and yes Myspace is the devil!!

That is really sad...

I think parents should keep a careful eye on their children because there's a lot of evil people out their these days.

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