Never Give Seasonal People Life Time Expectations

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I know Madea is supposed to be funny, and sometimes people get so consumed in the comedy that they never get the message.

I never paid attention to the message in this clip until AFTER i was caught up in a world wind of sadness. This helped so much, and changed the way i LIVED. From friendships to intimate relationships.

"Some people come into your life for a lifetime and some come for a season. You got to know which is which, and you always gonna mess up when you mix them seasonal people up with lifetime expectations...some people get married to people who they was only supposed to be with for a season. That was a person that was supposed to come and teach you one thing"

Whewwwww PREACH!!

Keep watching ...this whole thing is worth watching...

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yes and its so true
i keep a list of my seasonal folk
and drop they ass as soon as i get lolz

YES! So true. That clip steams from the quote "People come in your life, for a reason, a season, or a lifetime" (google that its acually a quoted paragraph or two)

I for one always get my people confused. Always.

Especially with friends...One of these days I will get it right. My Fiance better be right! lol After 6years I better have... :-X

As far as where to put you know who in the equation...I cant help you there. That answer is always with in. You just have to distinguish if he is meant, wanted, or need for you.

@ teems.....LMAO!! Grrrr.
I know what you mean tho i got the message THANKS!!

So i should make a list? how do you decide who goes where lol?

@Malcolm Maximillion...aint it?

Isn't it funny how a man dressed as an old, gun-toting black woman can pass wisdom?

when you get the chance go to yahoo and type in reason, season, will explain it in great will love it

it's true ma....I watched that when I was 14/15...I had 3 friends that were "winter" winter they melted...

HEY,i give u mad props for this post,this is as real as it gets

I never seen this cause I'm not too much of a Madea fan, but this is real talk though....


Great post love!


Great post!!! I enjoyed that!!

Nothing can be truer than that. Its apt.

This is so true when it comes to friends but many people don't want to see it that way, it was hard for me at first too but then I realized its just the way life is :( lol

hell yes! i totally agree with this statement...I think they Jay's were a lesson Super Duper Woman.

TRUE TRUE, Tyler Perry is crazy but in a good way


Hilarious still.."what da hell was I thinkin'?" lol

Tyler Perry is talented!

its been a min i know, nonetheless i believe this is one of my most favorite tyler perry plays ever and for that part alone. its a very powerful message and a lesson that im still still learning how to separate the temporary muhfukkas from the long-term ones..smh lol..i suppose i'll get it one day lol..nice post

What's up chick? I granted you with an honest blogger award on my latest post. go check it out.

This has always been my favorite part of this play. When she was talking about the roots of your tree, and how those are the ones that hold you up, and won't blow away like those seasonal people.

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