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He said "We can be friends tho", I just looked at him and whispered in my head "Your not gonna cry, your not gonna cry,this bastard WONT see you cry". I smiled turned and walked away up the stairs and to the end of the platform. I had my back to him but heard him call my name, but i didnt respond or turn around. I had decided after the word friend i should deleted him completely from my phone and any other physical contact i would have with him, i deleted him from my head, from my life, NO...I deleted him from my reality. He was no longer a real person. His voice yelling my name out had completely went over my head and vibrated off the walls of the trainstation that seemed so empty.

There were hundreds of people walking through turnstyles, swiping metrocards, boarding trains, smiling, and laughing but im alone. Lonely cold, and wanting to just close my eyes and sleep this feeling off. It was december and i wanted to sleep until April.

My train was coming in.

--This IS the Queens Bound J train, This is Broadway Junction Next Stop ...i didnt know what he said but i was sure it was Alabama Ave. Then Van Siclen. I Stepped off the train because i saw asshole hop on. He thought he would catch up with me but hell no.

I backed up right before the doors closed and stood on the platform. He wasnt about to be on the same train as me. I watched the train loudly pass by and threw on my headphones Hova's Song cry was the first song up.

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:-/ On the brighter side just the words Broadway Junction made me miss NY and Brooklyn. (Ok that wasnt so bright) My J stop was four stops from there Queens bound.

It is sooo uncomfortable running into people you wish you didnt. But thats BK!

*claps,ENCORE,that was beautiful.as i read it I was like yo,I used to write like this. I really consider this a talent from GOD. that you have, anyone can write,but with detail, and vision,is remarkable.

i LOVE reading your words!
u can just see the passion in them..
im always staying tuned in..even when im not near a computer..

Powerful words ma.. Life's a bitch sometimes, it's great you can express your emotion thru the pen.. Well, keyboard, but you know what I mean! :)

umm yeah..I hate the J train right now. because people named Jay ride the J train...great work though mama! smile becaus im not sure if this has happened for you yet, but one day you will wake up and not give a fuck about this dude. and thats the truth.

You write better than I do. I would've just said something like:

"This bitch was all like 'Let's be friends' and I was hoping I don't make a mistake and punch her in the eye. That's it."

Not as pretty.

LMAO @ E-Rich

He so silly.

If i would have wrote that yall woulda been like "This bitch ghetto" so i tried to clean it up a bit LOL

i love reading your words! they seem so powerful!



i cnt see it Comin down ya eyes...

I really love this blog....
I honestly feel the exact same way, and to realize that I'm not alone.. Is very refreshing. (Don't get me wrong, I don't wish that feeling on anyone, not even myself) ....But to read that, and feel everyword you wrote, was like "Damn..." Yanno?

Anyway, I'm new to this blog thing, so I was just reading random blogs and following ones that interested me... Yours definitely did :)

Talk soon?


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