Throw Back Pictures.

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I went crate digging and look what i found. this was easter and i was at my grandmothers house withmy sisters (Obviously the two dressed like me, They're twins), and cousins in Coney Island. We were about to either go to Astroland or Brighton Beach (Movie Theatre). I thought i was SWV, Total, And Xscape all in one. LMAO I Was such a brat. I miss those days.

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Im the little one down posing witht he jacket off the shoulders, i dont know what that was all about. My aunty did the hell out of my hair. Yall see my curly bangs?

Ughh there goes those dimples, i wish they would stop coming out all the time. WHY am i so skinnyyy!!

LMAO i thought this was hilarious because you should see them now. My sisters dont get along and all they do is fight. I Should Blackmail them with these pictures. Oh trust and believe i have more of them smiling and being all twin-ish. They so cuteee LOL.

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14 Schitzos Talking

hehe, nice fits. very cute..

ya'll was gettin ya'll aaliyah on or something. american 90s..HA!

How cuuuute.. that pose on the first one is classic! LOL



aaaaah i miss the 90s...idk why but those pics remind me of aaliyah'a one in a million video lol cute!!

awwhhh u were so cute!! haha

CHECK you out posing and styliing. You had your lil swag even back then I see. lol

heeeey u were stylin even back then

i tagged u... i dont know why, i think the boredom is killing my brain cells.

Whole time you out here looking like you with TLC. So. . . how old would your sisters be now?

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