I Was Born Bad

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Hellz Bellz is one of my favorite women street wear labels. When i first began wearing Hellz Bellz i think i was either still in high school or my freshmen year in college. The first time i saw a Hellz Bellz T Shirt it was on my cousin and I automatically fell in love. It was literally Love At First Sight. They recently E-Mailed me The contents of their Look book for the Holiday "Born Bad" Collection which Honors Mae West who has some of the most AMAZING QUOTES. All these little girls running around calling them selves bad chicks don't have NOTHING on Mae West who was an actress who was an infamous Vaudeville actress, and sexual liberator.

Enough About Ms. West back to the Look Book. Here are some of my favorite Pieces from the "Born Bad" Collection.

I Love this red Jacket. I've been wearing Lumberjack button up shirts damn near all summer. I Love Lumberjacks no matter whether they're red and black .....
The Red and black Lumberjack Wit the hat to match" (Biggie smalls)

.....Or Blue and white. This Model is fierce and inspires me to go get my camera. I'm about to go ahead and get my photography skills and put them back to use.

I Love that sweater. I want that sweater. I'll have that sweater. I want to direct a photo shoot so anybody who wants a photographer call me (Only if its a fashion shoot). The hat is too cute as well.

I want that red and black shirt. I NEED IT In my life. They sure are getting fiercer with their cut and sew pieces. This has re -confirmed my love for Hellz Bellz.

"Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" - Mae West

P.S. Did anybody else notice that Keri Hilson had on those Cesare Paciotti Shoes (F/W 2008) on her new Photo shoot for some magazine (i think it was vibe, don't remember). I saw it on C. Jervis's Blog and went nuts.

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I Posted the rest of this collection (Block Colors Only) Back In October CLICK HERE to see those

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11 Schitzos Talking

yeh man,she copped them shits b4 u,shut ya WHOLE shit down,lol

OMG I looooove that stuff! Neva even heard of it before today! But it is Hot!


Hellz Bellz makes dope girls gear!

i loveeee the lumberjack shirtssss nicee and ummm i feel dumb late but i dont think i know about hellz bellz..will look it up though hehe xoxo

tag ladi go to ma pageeee

...definitely hot shit...nuff said..unfortunately i have to grab all that stuff when i can whenever i come to ny because we dont have it here..

I never herd of this designer. Should I be ashamed? lol THOSE SHOOOOOOES.......ahhhhhh!

@Teems YES!! these are the leading ladies in the streetwear for women designs. I mean Married tot he Mob and all that other stuff is cool but these ladies started this shit...LOL

@Ray Ray they sell stuff online (Hellz-Bellz.com)

@Cocoa and Nellz alot of people never heard of it....omg what is wrong witht he world today LOL

Funky, yet Fabulous :)
A must have!

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