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Keep on walkin' I Aint talkin To Ya Anymore"
OLD SCHOOL videos are the bomb and i usually venture off into my 90's craziness. I remember when this song first came out and i was at a block party in queens singing this song and then mad people came around me clapping and stuff. LOL i had the Barbie Jeep (remember the jeeps that you could drive when you were younger??) And i finished the song got in my Barbie Jeep and drove off like i was some kind of Star. I got my ass beat for driving in the street that Wasnt blocked off that day too. LOL I was a character. Anyway here's The song featured on my blog's video, so pause that on the side and watch this if you wanna bring some crazy memories back.

A Little Later On Im Gonna show you guys how i was a fly girl when i was younger. I gotta get the picture first and im too lazy to get it now.

Ce Ce also did made hot songs like "Finally" and "we got A Love Thang", and lets not forget "Movin' On". Dont worry all you people who tend to forget the 90's. I never really left the 90's (in my head lol) so i got yall. If you wanna remember them oldschool Cartoons like Doug, Rugrats, Clarissa Explains It All, Cousin Skeeter, Taina, Ren and stimpy, Salute Your shorts, Wild And Crazy Kids and such Click Here!!!

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I used to ride to this in MY BARBIE JEEP!!!!

Girl, I told you we was twins!!!:)

And I know your going to be reading my book, right???:)

No lie i listen to cece once a week!

90s were the best fo sho!

It was a good time for TV and hip-hop i.e. Fresh Prince is my favorite show, period, hands down, no question.

Yes!!! I loved me some CeCe Penniston lady!!! I was jammin to that back in high school:) Nice blogs too!!! stay real:)

Girlll you took it back with CeCe!!!

yoo the 90's reminds me of poppin block parties. believe it or not we used to have them in Va too. lol and Japan. lol. and I never heard that song in my life though i aint gonna front. lol. and i had a barbie car but i was afraid of it. i used to run and scream when I saw it. they got me on and i guess youve always been a super star in training?

fuck outta here cyn! lol japan!?! I do believe you the love hip hop and the 90's more than some americans. When your album stops selling here...go to Japan!

LMAO of at cyn running from her whip. and I am mad as hell you never heard of this song!

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