Nancy Grace Is Somewhere Going BANANAS

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Remember the post where i said Nancy Grace was obsessed with little Catlee Anthony, well i wonder what she's going to do now and how long she's gonna continue to run it now that the little girls remains MAY HAVE POSSIBLY been found. If those aren't her remains i wonder when Law and Order SVU is going to pick this up (You guys do know that SVU cases are usually true cases right? They just change names and people but the plots are from real cases)

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6 Schitzos Talking

Girl, Nancy Grace be working my cunt!!!

She's so WET!

And did you see her interview with William Asshole's mamma????

Girl? GIRL!

Nancy be trippin my ass out though!!!!

Is she married? She must not be gettin the dick!!!

i dont think she gets dick either..she got toooo much calm the fk down nancy..this stuff happens ALL the time..most cases go unheard of..

and girl law and order svu is my SHIT!!!

Poor Nancy...

Reggie you are a mess! gotta luv it!

she's in an asylum now. it was Caylee.

Girl I really gotta stop doing these disappearing acts like Sanaa Lathan. lol///
but girl I swear I thought about you when I heard that they found that little girls remains. i was like omg. post time! lol. its actually true Nancy Grace has officially gone crazy due to lack of penis, and ,lack of an alive Caylee or TOT as she likes to call her. lol. My friends sister just got murdered last week in new jersey. 11 years old, went outside to play then next day she was found raped and had 3 gunshots in her head by a Blood gang memeber. and I actually, Havent seen it mentioned even on the news in jersey never mind fucking CNN for 8 months.

SMH @ Cyn they dont give a fuck and what you mean by you left NY?? Went to visit the fam?

Im about to do some damage in the city i swear imma blow some shit up LOL

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