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Thats the trailer for this movie i watched for the past two days. Its on Showtime on demand just go under documentaries if you have digital cable and premium channels.

I have a 12 year old sister and i dont know what i would do if i found out that she was out there in the streets being exploited. I have always volunteered and helped at organizations where people are the victims of sex crimes like rape and human trafficking, but this documentary opened my eyes up to the world of prostitution. I realized that this shit isn't like what we see in the videos and the movies, this shit is REAL. I already decided that i would be volunteering or doing some kind of community service with this organization. I've been trying to start my own Youth Organization up but honestly...people dont give a fuck about no one but themselves these days.

Quick facts:

- 2,200 Children are estimated to become victims of sexual exploitation A YEAR

- 325,000 are at risk for becoming victims of sexual exploitation

- The average age of sexually exploited children is 12 years old

Not facts but something that's been observed:
these men target YOUNG girls who have either run away from home or come from broken homes. Young girls who dont have that father figure because these Older men (Usually 30-40) make these young girls feel safe secure and loved before they put them on the strip. They tell them that they can be their "Daddy".

Im probably going to have a screening at my house so that i can sit my little sister down and show her, along with other people from around my neighborhood (Because i do work with the youth in the summer so they love me lol) because i live in a neighborhood (About 2 blocks from south road on sutphin, if you know anything about NY and Queens you know about this infamous strip) where i believe that alot of the young people are at a high risk.

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yeh it is sad,but its good to see your interest and the fact that your gonna put your foot in it,and make a difference

this is ridiculous..very sad..
i love ur spirit..
its always a blessing to take the time to help others in need..even if its..just making others aware of whats goin on!

a sad sad reality man..but the fact that you are willing to change is good. if it makes a difference in at least 1 person's life then your work will not have been in vain. if you're serious about starting your organization i'll do whatever i can to help, true story.

damn , it's so sad.
It amazes me how little we actually know about the world . Like, that video almost brought me to tears, and it's not like I don't know it's out there, but if I have never been confronted with it , then it's not on my list of worries . But damn if that didn't change my mind...

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