AYO GOD, Let Me Talk To You For A Minute....

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Yo, Whats Poppin God, I Know You Be In Heaven Laughing Saying "Yo, My kids Be Wilding" And I Know Our brother Jesus Is mad He Gave His Life For Ours for us to turn around and start wilding and not even believing in yall.

I gotta let you see it from our perspective though. How would you feel if we told you that you have to believe that one day we would all be good, just have faith. You seeing the way the people are now i KNOW you would probably laugh at that and say "Nah, These Kids cant do it. They keep messing up over and over, new things emerge everyday that make me wanna just end the world."

Thats what you would think if we blindly asked you never to end the world because one day we would all be good. Just have Faith. So I Think you being God And All...You should understand why some niggas dont believe, Excuse me God..I Aint mean to say the N Word But Its A habit I've Picked Up Over The years. I Just feel Like all the stuff them people wrote about you in Your Biography and Your Sons Biography was about you being a forgiving God. If Thats the truth why is there a heaven or hell...wait ...I Apologize Again God we're not supposed to question You but...It was kind of a rhetorical Question. No Answer Needed My G.

I want you to think about it. You said, well niggas told me that i can talk to you about anything. Well My G. I guess We can chat later because Bad Girls Club Is On. Oh Yeah, Thanks For Bringing Tanisha Back. Thats My Girl For real, I Know You be Up There Watching Bad Girls Club ....Lmao Ight Im Outta Here For Real, Be Easy Pops


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love the blog. u brought up some very valid points but we'll never know the answer. we just have to go on based on our beliefs.

YES, TWIN!!! And I had to see my girl Tanisha too!!!!!!

I didn't get no sleep cuz of yall.......:)

We all ask ourselves the same questions...

Tanisha's and the Ambers teased us! Hmph... I see Tiff likes being the HBIC. I knew it was only a matter of time but will she get as much credit as Tanisha? (Maybe the guys)

@Teems ...hell no Tanisha is a one of a kind.

Kayla couldnt fight worth a damn but she was my nigga and she was crazy like tanisha. Im actually mad she left i wanted her to stay because she brought all the drama.

Tiff is ight, she hood as hell but i dont like her much. Theres something i just dont like.

You have the right to ask your questions but till you see God, He will tell if you have the right to some answers.

i have finally landed home :0) First and foremost... "hello Brooklyn!!!!" Now let me just say i have found my blogging twin owwwwwwwwwwwwwww *cha cha slides in this mug* i read this double checking it wasnt something i wrote amidst smoke clouds lol you are freaking awesome!

"I want you to think about it. You said, well niggas told me that i can talk to you about anything. Well My G. I guess We can chat later because Bad Girls Club Is On."

well thats what we're told we can talk to him about anything..nigga u go so hard! lol i swear..
i think to myself all the time i wonder how God feels about "whateva situation is going on at the time"..

and bad girls club is my shhhhhhh...i had to keep myself updated on it on the internet each time i miss it!

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