Satan's Playground (1)

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I Used to live on this Block Near A Park
Where Ball Courts Get Shot Up and Ball Players get Shot
Young Girls Selling Shit That Shouldnt Be Sold.
Men Touched Little Girls Only 12 Years Old
Where You Get Your Life Tooken If You Ever Told
Kanye West Got 808's And Heartbreaks
I see C-Sections and Section 8 (Album Coming Soon)
Jail houses erected
Drugs And Sex as a weapon
Niggas grinding
baby's Crying
Satans Playground Had No Monkey Bars..
Closest thing is monkeys on crack heads backs Holdin On Hard
They cant shake em neither
Cant Shake Them fevers
"Its 10pm Do You Know Where Your Kids Are?"
Nah .... It's 3am Do You Know Where My Moms At?
On A Park Bench with a needle to her arm or a lighter to a spoon
Hope that bitch come home soon
Green Grass....
in plastic bags
Sold For 5 and ten
You can get whatever you need except peace in satans playground
Pay for drugs, pay for pussy, pay for guns,
Pay Your Money, Pay Your Life, Sell Your Soul
All On Satans Playground


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12 Schitzos Talking

You've got undenied talent. That was real.

That was my ish! The truth...

Good morning twin, I absolutely adore the metaphoric undertones... from a poetic perspective your words flowed melodically. From a real perspective here's the catch 22. Sapiens believe in Heaven and Earth...but have mixed views on hell. We are in Purgatory....hell is here...the now..suffrance...urban street...Bk, Cali, louisiania, miami all kinds of hood issues. Its losing are brothers and sisters to poverty, a corrupt system, infestation of drugs etc. Thank you for this.

Spit that shit! I like this! *snapping my fingers*

I didn't know you spit like that! Go girl!

Well Alright!
Snap Snap!

i LOVED this!
i had company last night and had all them nig..i mean ppl read it..all because i knew they can a T...
u always know how to put ur words together though

wow that was great...real deep
u have pure talent

Deep shit right there.

"Do you know where my moms at?"

Very deep.

Thanks Guys!!!!

A Pro's Hood, I remember thinking that after that movie "The Others" that earth was pergatory (Ever seen it?)
It is in between heaven and hell and according to some religions your supposed to live a certain life to get to heaven or hell. Well in purgatory your supposed to prove yourself before going to heaven (They dont say anything about hell because some people dont even believe in hell) so in a way i guess this is purgatory and the hellish stuff i talk about is temptation to sway you away from your journey to heaven

or maybe im overanalyzing ....Lmao

Nice Piece! Evil deed!
I will link it on my blog.

Hey twinnykins lol and no you're not overanalyzing. Some things need to be pondered. Have an amazing week sunshine. Oh and imma cop the movie Friday...i'll share my thoughts come this weekend.

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