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Im A Little.... Unstable Right Now, So This Is All Random Bullshit.

I Dont know but i know If you listen to too much Lil' Wayne you get retarded like him. Minus The Fact That Almost The Whole first Verse to Pussy Money Weed is stolen from Andre 3 Stacks this song is kinda ....OK.

*Ducks All Foreign Objects Thrown At My Head*


Dont crucify me, Have you heard this song? I dont know but i can understand him in a weird High State of mind kinda thing. Its Kinda Romantic in its own weird way. I Want You To Take A Listen.....Nah...Never Mind, He Just Said Orienasians ...Da Fuck Is That, Well in the state of mind im in, i dont wanna ruin it so fuck it take it for what it is ...Weezy F......Bitch. In this song he's talking about his baby mother...I Bet Yall Aint know that ....That Orien-Asian....

Anyway Im Sitting here wondering what Dom has to say about the list i sent him...What List?
You'll See.

I've Also Been debating Merging Blogs, You niggas Like this One better, i Can Tell, The other one is boring anyway ...Real Boring. I think Im gonna keep My E-Mailed SOngs, Mixtapes, Exclusive Videos And Shit to myself. Fuck Yall.....Damn B.o.B, That means No More Of TJ Sending Me E-Mails To Promote You....Well It Was Fun.

When Im In a stream of unconsciousness i tend to use dots alot because, ...Im still thinking, pausing then thinking again...Shits weird, i dont Know.

Drugs Aint So Bad, Cant Be, All The Great Motherfuckers Smoke It ...Even Erykah Badu, That Bitch is a thug. Excuse My Vulgarity ...I Cant Stop Cursing.

Have You ever said "I Need To Stop Doing This" And then afterwards said Nah Fuck That and kept doing it anyway? Like ....Smoking, Sex, or ...Cursing even?

Well i said I Would Stop Cursing but ....Nah, Fuck That. Why Should I? Because its not lady like? Well can somebody tell me what is? And why should I Give a fuck what is and isnt?

I Wish Motherfuckers Would Mind Their Business....Im Tired Of Smiling and ignoring questions when i really wanna yell "Mind Ya Fuckin Business My Nigga". I need to stop talking like the dudes i surround Myself with, and i should probably chill with more females because im starting to think like Men (No Gay Shit)

Son, Tanisha is Coming Back On Bad Girls Club ...."Im From BROOKLYN". Thats My Bitch.

Im nasty As A Scorpio But Im A Lucky Libra...This Nigga Wayne is retarded, Thats what he just said hahahaha Myyyy Nigga. Clothes Are overrated panties Is debated....huh? LMAO Man Fuck This. Im Tired.

I Feel Like Calling Jay And Spillin My Guts To Him, But My Ego Says NO! My Ego, My Pride, And My Friends Say Dont, My Heart, Head, And ....Self says Do What The Fuck You Want.

YO! Forrest Gump Is Full Of Shit, Life Aint Like A Box Of Chocolates. Dating And Maybe Sex is. I mean...When You Get A Box Of Chocolates You Might not know if its caramel Or cherry filled BUT. You DAMN SURE KNOW ITS A CHOCOLATE. Truth is, With Life...You can never know shit, Not even if its Life, Here Today Gone Tomorrow. So Forest Gump You LOSE, and so do the stupid Niggas who used that Quote.

Sex Is Because...You Know You Got A Person, But your ass dont know if you got a penis until ...BAM! It Pulls a Penis Out.

Relationships Are because, You know they pretty and what not ....Then BAM! You Find out they ass crazy ....

Yo, I Been Squeeky Clean (On The Inside) Because I Been Tryna Live up to Social Standards and shit, You Know...A Upstanding Citizen and shit.....And Conformity Is A Sin, And This Shit is Hard, fuck that....Im Bout to be the reckless Alter Ego For A Couple Of Months I think. Maybe After Spring Break I'll Go Back To The Non Curse Slinging, Non Politically Incorrect, Un-Ignorant Shenda I Used To Be.

Fact Is....Ignorant People Have fun And Truly Live Life....LMAO That sounds fucked up to you goody two shoe motherfuckers but hey....Stfu ...LMAO

If My Roommate walks in here with her friend ANGELA Imma act a fucking fool, I Know i am because The Mindset That Im In, Im Bound to say whateveerrrrrr The Fuck Comes To Mind.

LMMMFFFFAAAOOOO These Bitches Walked In As Soon As I Typed It Her Hair fucked Up All Them Hood rat Streaks And Shit... And Im Sitting Here Tryna Take Pictures LMFAOOO Ha!! Ha Ha ...

wait....I Got A Good One....

Officer Ross is That Nigga....Every Day He Was Hustling On Cell Block D.

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6 Schitzos Talking

lmao; girl you had me ROLLIN on this blog - and soooo many times i say imma stop doing something; then say nahhhh fcxk that!! hahah and yess weezy f. baby be confusing the hell outta me wit his extra high ass; but still dope ;)

As someone who doesn't really like Wayne that much, I respect your opinion on that garbage--
I mean song that he put out.

Nice blog. You come real proper. I respect that.

"Drugs Aint So Bad, Cant Be, All The Great Motherfuckers Smoke It ...Even Erykah Badu, That Bitch is a thug. Excuse My Vulgarity ...I Cant Stop Cursing."

I tol' you, WEED IS A PLANT! LOL.

"Have You ever said "I Need To Stop Doing This" And then afterwards said Nah Fuck That and kept doing it anyway? Like ....Smoking, Sex, or ...Cursing even?"


Tu.. estas.. loca. Sex es muy divertido. LOL.

Maybe if you smoke something, you'll calm down with this Weezy-esque stream-of-conciousness chatter. LOL!

And about the list.. They'll learn soon enough :)

Check ya e-mail homes.

lmao..this made my motha fkn day!
lmao..and u up there takin pics of her and shit is even funnier!

Yo was zoning. I do that sometimes. Just talk about shit. You hear Lil Wayne's rock song? That shit is going to hit number 1 in 26 minutes.

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