Change Within Our Damn Comunities

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Its a shame when a 17 year old girl cant walk outside her house and go to a TEEN party without getting shot in her face.
This time who the hell do we blame? Who do we point the finger at this time? Not the cops because THIS TIME they didnt pull a trigger or shoot a kid.

We always get all crazy and wanna protest shit when police shoot children, but what about when children are killing children? While we're all excited about Obama's Change Speeches and We're happy about a black president, our kids are still getting killed on the streets.

Kids need Guidance Man....

R.I.P To The Young Lady, And I Hope her family is able to move forward from this senselessness. I Hope i never have to bury my kids.

"And All The newspaper Said was 'Another Nigga Dead', And Its Fucked Up"
--Fabolous (Can You Hear Me)

Background INFO on what im talking about:
17 year Old Nyasia Pryear Yard was shot dead while attending a teen party in brooklyn at a nightclub called The elks Plaza.

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wow I didnt hear about this... may she rest in peace. This is a shame. Pretty girl.. She looks familar but probably too young for me to know.

SMDH.....I love that arty shit too...So I know we are twins now....I was just telling my boyfriend about designing my jacket like Brooklyn walls or subways......:)


*SMH. & R.I.P.

This was a senseless crime. I happend to be around that area in which I've seen loads of cop cars than I get home that morning to see what actually happen. Life is defintely short, but we as individuals have to take LIFE SERIOUSLY and not for a joke.


may babygirl rest in peace!
i hate stories like this because its so senseless and one life has gone with no warning, no reason...
but its reality the world we live in..
they'd rather pick up a gun instead of reading a book!

Such a damn shame. May she rest in Peace. I find it so sad that people are resorting guns because it makes them more of a man, the funny and fucken sad part is, it makes them a damn right pus**. Thats the truth. Use words not your hands and until we can learn that, there will NEVER be peace and change.

heyyy girl..
this is really sad. I remember seeing it on the news the day it happened. and she was such a beautiful girl. its really sad and senseless and it also reminds you that its cold outside and these streets love no one. you cant even go to a party and hang out. without someone dying.

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