Dont Tell Me To Calm The Fuck Down

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Now That I'm 20 Years and ready start some shit up everybody Telling me To Calm Down NAH FUCK THAT"

--Tupac Shakur (A 1992 Speech)

I Watched a white cop Beat The Shit out of my cousin because he told the cop "Don't call me Boy, address me By my fucking name". I watched them Body slam My Home girl While she was 7 fucking months pregnant because she asked the officer "What Did He Do?" when she saw them beating My Cousin's Ass.

I saw her come home crying because she lost her baby. Do you know what was done ...NOTHING. The Cops said They Were justified. I cried as The Cops surrounded the "crime scene". They covered my brothers Body in a white sheet after they shot and killed him. You know what happened to those Police...NOTHING! They were deemed Justified in murdering him in cold blood. We were told to just move on because he was in a better place. FUCK THAT.

I have been called a nigger more than once. I've been looked over while standing on line and followed around stores like I was going to steal something. I have been discriminated against by the family of a good friend because I was of a certain ethnicity. I heard Don Imus call Other Black Women "Nappy headed Hoes". I've watched a video On Youtube where the dude from Seinfeld said Nigger several times to a young black guy in the audience. I've read shit in the newspaper where a man killed his daughter-in-law because she was black. He said he didn't want his son married to no Nigger.

I've noticed how they've already perceived us as thugs, baby mamas, baby daddies, and people who wont be able to get out the Ghetto. They even think that we all come from the ghetto. They think we're stupid. They think we some thieving ass, section 8 having, no education obtaining, Food Stamp Loving, worthless motherfuckers.

I have been called a bitch, hoe, lesbian, and a dumb broad on many occasions. To this day I still sometimes wonder whats worse. Being Black .....Or being a Woman ...Maybe its being a Black Woman. I've been degraded by my own Brothers in rap videos, movies, books, and almost any other way imaginable.

Yet they manage to tell me how I'm supposed to feel.

I ain't preaching, and I'm not Malcolm, Martin, Sojourner, Or Farrakhan. I just know what happened then and I Know whats happening Now.

Don't tell Me I'm supposed to look the other way and turn the other cheek. Don't tell me to chalk it up to their ignorance. Don't tell me "Leave it alone" and "Walk Away" 'cause I don't want to hear that shit.

I read about how MY ancestors were RAPED of their dignity, innocence, religion, and culture. I read how they were snatched from their country and robbed of their LIVES. Whipped, burned, hung, sold. Don't tell me How to feel when I'M THE ONE who saw Pictures of My ancestors hanging from tree branches while white people smiled, I saw how they were dragged through Texas gravel, and drowned in Mississippi rivers with their faces bashed in at the age of 14. Don't tell me to calm the fuck down when I express how I feel about it. DO NOT tell me how I should play their game and sell my soul for a dollar, or to get ahead.

You throw a month at us like you throw a Bone to a dog or give a baby a pacifier to shut us up. That don't give you the right to tell me how I Should feel.

"You cant Be More Offended By My Cursing Than You are About Whats REALLY Going On Out There"

-- Tupac Shakur (Same Speech)

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13 Schitzos Talking

Twin, you always keep it nothing but 100.....I love this!!!!

I agreed during reading this whole motherfucking post!!!!!!!

this was so good . It makes me rethink my whole post I did on the N word .
This was so passionate, and I feel you .

im jealous cuz you put this all together than I probably would. Touched alot of stuff I felt inside also.

(she probably like, there go chris,ALWAYS agreein and shit)

this aint nothin but the damn truth!

This touched me like you wouldn't believe. Got me over here crying at work over my cup-o-noodles. Things like this bring out so many emotions in me. We've come so far, but yet we still have so far to go.

I always got mad when I said something wasn't fair and someone would say "Life isn't fair", but it's practically all I say now.

I'm with you here. I by no means want to offend anybody ,but I remember having this same discussion with my hubby about how if you do anything to offend a caucasian or jewish person it is so much bigger of a fuss. You say something about the holocaust and it's a big deal. But everybody wants black ppl to just forget about slavery. Why? Why do we have to just get over it when truth be told our wounds of racism are just as fresh and evident as they seem to happen on a day-to-day basis.

i can always count on u to deliver nothin but always sis, this was thought provoking.

Truth is the truth sometimes it may hurt a bit. Thanks for sharing.


love the blog already

i will definitely be returning

This is very well written .. You pretty much touched every topic us black people face .. This is a very, very good piece .. Kudos 4 u ..

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