She Told Yall I Was Coming Out.

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If you paid attention then maybe you know who i am. If not, Im The other Chick inside her head. They call me Shadow. Im always there. Ha Ha!

So basically Me and Shenda Been sharing A Body since she was 9 years old. Long story as to Where I Came From and Why Im Here.
She cant deal with stress and shit so once I sort this shit out she'll be back. Until then expect alot of angry shit coming from me.

What can I Say? It was Only a matter of time before I resurfaced.

Jerv Knew I was coming because he saw The away the other night. She tried to supress me for a minute but i guess these niggas getting to her. I tell her all the time, just swing on em'. She dont listen but i wont hesitate.

Anyway Enough About Her. I Guess I'll Be Blogging for a while.

Imma start By Changing The Blog Title. Life and times is so Un-Original.

Well I got some shit i need to handle with her Aim Buddy List. Im about to send messages out and people gonna think its her but ...Its Not LMAO. I love My Job!

Sincerely Signed,


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6 Schitzos Talking

My twin has a alter ego as well.....Damn....We all are crazy....:)

damn u got an alter ego too?? aww shii lol guess maybe my reg might be right lol

Too bad my alter is the nice one! Shadow whats on your agenda?

So would Shadow still want to bang my brother?

I think everyone has an alter ego cuz deres no way anyone can be strong enuff 2 take on everything alone....i kno i have one her name is Karma n huni plays no games

Shadow u need to get the fuck on, u making my girl look

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