How Much For Your Soul?

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How Much For Your Soul?
Crack rocks sold on back blocks
9 millimeter glocks
Stashed in A Shoe Box
Cocaine's A primary stock
You living good gettin all this money
Niggas ain't gotta worry cause they ain't hungry
He wasn't thinking bout his family not even his kids
Until he got a 30 year long Jail Bid
D's came through and they wanted they cut
You wasn't going out like that so they locked ya ass up
Now ya wife alone and kids cant eat
And Ya enemies decided to put em out they misery
Shot Junior and babygirl both dead
fucked ya wife then put the Magnum to her head

How Much For Your Soul?
Come Home In hopes that Mommy Ain't On Her knees Praying to a glass dick
"Lord please forgive me but i need another hit"
Kids crying because they don't understand
why mommy selling they sister to another man
went from snorting to using needles
Don't give a fuck that ya kids need you
Ya daughter hate you and you been lost Isaiah
thinking bout it make you wanna get high a lil later
come down and get high, grabbed the spoon and a lighter and you ready to fly
She hit the shit too hard ...she lived for crack wasn't ready to die

How Much For Your Soul?
Unprotected sex on Dirty Mattresses and Park benches
You love doing you with these sheisty shark bitches
Swimmin in a ocean of them and you swimming in they pussy
since a youngster during school just to get it you played hookie
they give it up for free and you takin
takin what you can get but nigga you ain't thinkin
everything that glitters ain't gold
for sex your soul is sold
A Bachelor, Young Dumb Nigga Married To Your Ways
In The clinic Ready To terminate Your life now 'Cause You Married to AIDS
Un Holy Matrimony till death do yall part
Grabbed a gun and shoved it to your chest one shot to ya heart

How Much For Your Soul?
She get a little freedom so she running the streets
Daddy wasn't there and her moms turned the other cheek
She ain't wanna believe her daughter was a freak
went from straight A's
To Blow Jobs in a staircase
Locked Jaws on penises Like Pit Bulls
Was A Catholic Now She's sinful
On The corner Tryna get a buck
the highest bidder tryna win a fuck
Sold her soul, her innocence, and her body
A Trick put a gun to her heard now she crying "Lord why me"
Life flashes before her eyes
Dick Slid between her thighs
Raped Then murdered and threw the bitch to the side

So now he standing there wondering who's next, what else can he buy
He roams from Bush-wick to crown heights then runs through the stuy
Sheepish Muh Fucker lookin for new souls to take
Got eve to sell hers for a apple this niggas a snake
tryna see what they'll sell they souls for; bricks? a Benz? a brand new bezel
You cant tell me this nigga aint the devil

How much for your soul?

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11 Schitzos Talking

wow did you write this urself mama? thats that real shit sad but moving.... xoxo I like ur new layout dont know if im old but have not been around

NELLZ!! Where have you been? We missed you and the chapters *sigh*

but YEAH of course i wrote it.

ooohh i love this! its so true.



woooooww! this is sooo nice! loved idd! wonderful writing!

And my brother talking about "I'm about to start selling weed. I need some money." I let his ass know I will fuck him up. Dead ass.

hot shit! So do you flow too? I would like to hear you spit this. Always hard to read other rappers lyrics. lol.

YO,we're in LOVE right now, if ANYONE loves that robin thicke song more than u,its me. trust.

I LOVE what I just read

Good Morning sunshine and this was fricking ba-na-nassssssssss!!! loved it

Good lookin out on the metallic gold post. Most defintely its goin 2 be a problem @ the train yards..


wow that was deep. i loved it. ur a great writer

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