Are You The Other Woman?

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My Aunt Loved These Girls. Im Raiding Her CD Collection when I Get Back Home because she has every Hot CD From The 90's R&B Circuit, EVEN THE R&B MIXTAPES!

"Finally I Woke Up And Smelled The Coffee, I Understand/ Why Two Women Cant Share One Man"

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4 Schitzos Talking

i remember this video!!!!

this used to be my ish!!!

I am the other woman to a video game system and the bish is name XBOX!

LMAO @ Kiwi!!!

Yeah Me And Photography and art been in a crazy little affair lately.


This must be throwback week in the blog world.

I am with Kiwi I am second to madden and call of duty on the xbox. Its no fair! I guess its better than being second to the streets...

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