Excuse Me Mr. President But We Need To Talk

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Dear Barack Obama,

I feel the need to talk to you about a situation called.....Operation America.

Noooo Mr. President, No need to shuffle through papers because this isn't in your documents, it's in mines because I'm about to tell you about my stimulus plan. I'm trying to stimulate your mind and hopefully leave here with some answers.

Let me start this by saying I'm a skeptic about EVERYTHING.

YOU INCLUDED. Just because your black, white, Hispanic, young, old, Asian, Italian or anything else for that matter does not mean I'll automatically trust you. So don't think for one second that you got my vote because i trust you. Had it been between you and Hillary, Hillary would have gotten my vote, however McCain and his republican Peanut Gallery would NOT be running this country if left up to me.

I do feel like we would have seen more changes under McCain in the past couple of months though, that old man don't play. He was in the army. I'm Just not so sure those changes would have been in my favor.

When I First heard about your stimulus plan i was like " He's trying to throw money at me all willy nilly, I LIKE THIS GUY"

After weeks of watching CNN I MUST SAY that throwing money at us cant be good in a "Fucked up economy". You can give me a $5000 stimulus check today but how is that gonna affect my kids and their kids? From what YOU and the news have been saying, we don't have money to be giving away to people who refuse to go get a job.

I Also understand that you want to concentrate money on education and the poor and health care; however I am a Healthy, Grown ass woman graduating from college soon who needs a job. What ever happened to bringing Jobs back to the country? Instead I see more people getting laid off, what ever happened to the so called "Energy Crisis"? I haven't heard YOU say SHIT about that after November 4th. You also haven't addressed prop 8 or abortion; you still haven't told us what your game plan is for getting us out of this "economy situation". Even though You HAVE addressed the economy a couple of times you haven't told us HOW your gonna fix this. As an American its natural to hear someone say Imma do this and you reply with "How?"... Or maybe that's just the skeptic/Brooklyn/NYer coming out of me.

Hillary has been spotted all up in China, Russia, France and shit. I wanna know where you've been so I turn on the TV and your in..... Canada?

Excuse me for being an asshole....

I'm not saying your some kind of super president, but I Honestly hope you do what you've promised (I really do). I just feel like theres alot of shit you should have addressed at least in your first 100 days In office. I ain't saying you had to fix anything, I mean give us a game plan....a blueprint ....A Hint at some kind of action...something.

Congress isn't shooting your shit down because they don't like you. HELL a high percentage of republicans voted for you... They just don't want to just go hand out free money to people.

Right now I'm just passed the "Happy My president is black" phase and i want to see some real change, shit as far as hope; we don't have no other choice BUT to hope this shit gets better.

So Mr. President, I Need for you to go ahead and get all presidently because right now i feel like we don't even have a president.

The Black president Euphoric phase has worn off and run it's course, Like a TRUE American, I wont lie, I'll be honest and say that, I don't care what color you are, its time to start passing bills, making laws and shit. I know your like "I got four years to do all of that shit calm your ass down shenda"

But I'm personally not trying to hear that shit. You should have never made it seem like 2 days after you were elected the world would be all sunshine, rainbows, unicorns and shit. You need to let us know wassup and stop trying to prove that your all for the poor people. Be for the AMERICANS. Not just the poor.

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I definitely would have voted for Hillary between them two. Like Obama but I have been over the my president is black phase! Lets get to work... what you said is very true. TAKE MY stimulus and alleviate my student loans so I can shed off a few months/years of debt. ya dig!?

So far my expensive ass education has been collecting DUST! man this post mad me mad!

I will take into consideration that he's human, so I won't be shocked if a lot of the things he promised while campaigning don't ever happen

&& I've def been over the whole "My president is black thing" I was over it two days after the inauguration, but yeah definitely feelin this post

I think a lot of people are past the "My president is black" thing. Shit, I would've voted for Hilary if she would've got the nomination, too, although I think she's just a crazy white woman. Hell, some of my friends said "Hilary would be better because it would be like having Bill in office again". I would laugh, but the ignorance seriously hurts my soul.

You know what would solve this? Ending the damn war. It would be like switching to Geico for America. Still think the stimulus isn't a good idea. Especially if we give the money to Canada. What do those niggas do? Bacon, maple syrup and Drake? No thank you.

ahhh man, my father and i got into a huge debate about this stimulus thing. i'd rather the u.s not borrow more money to 'get the economy going'..i can appreciate what he's trying to do as far as healthcare and school goes seeing as how i need both especially healthcare (in which i dont have at all right now). if the stimulus fails, we will owe more money than we started out owing, and we STILL would have NO plan as far as how to move forward. i'm in total agreement, give us all a game plan. he keeps saying we all gotta help, etc etc and i feel that but what the heck are we helping with and how do we know what to do if we cant even get a hint as to what we're doing? smh great post sis

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