Red White ....And Blue.


I Was born in a place with the skin of a brown man and the heritage of the red man. In a place dominated by the white man who shares with the the rest of us.

I was born in a place where ....I'm afraid to pull out my wallet, for 19 may hit me and 41 sent in my direction.

I was born in a place where justice no longer lives and iniquity resides. I was born here. I was born in a place where they tell me I'm red white and blue, but they discriminate against the red, and treat me differently from the white, and while the blue are supposed to protect me...they'll send 51 my way on my wedding day because they suspect me...

I was born .... In a place they call a melting pot. Although we all reside in this pot its like ...vinegar and water. We're separated but together, supposed to be separate but equal but ....ask the black people of Florida how they feel about their voices being heard circa the first bush election.

I'm from a place where, they harass my best friend everyday and call her a terrorist even though she was born here in the land of the red white and blue, so was her mother and her father, yet they don't accept her. I was born in a place where racism is something we joke about. The black watermelon lover, the red feather chief, and the white chick who always falls in the movie or says shit like cowabunga and dude.

That's funny but about plungers stuffed in places where they shouldn't be put. I Was Born In A Place Where I'm more afraid of the man with my skin color than the one without because lets face it, statistically speaking more of us die at the hands of our brothers than at the hands of another....

Crying mothers, dying sons, sad sisters, mis-educated children led astray, unjust systems, oppression, depression, lies, deceit.....all in the land of the red, white, ......and blue.

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SuperWoman .. I love this shit yo .. This shit couldn't have been worded any different .. This is beautiful ..

put together PERFECTLY.

&& i agree with && understand what you are saying. the idea of America isn't what it really is.


Monique doesnt get any more real than this

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