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Recently I have been having issues with my computer (NO DIZZY, NOT DUE TO DIAL UP!!) Lol.

So i sent it in to the doctor (aka "The shop") to be fixed and hopefully sent back to me working properly.....Hopefully.

So thats why i haven't really been around lately.

However i will be blogging soon on an interesting speech i attended by "Cousin Jeff" from BET aka Jeff Johnson here on my schools campus. AMAZING.

He made me think about alot. Gave me alot of great ideas. I also was in a live chat session with Russell Simmons (Who was NOT the star of that conversation at all, actually we (The young people and young bloggers) were. We discussed the disgusting Rockefeller Drug Laws (I Urge you to look it up because i will be posting my thoughts on some legislation that either has been or is being passed on that law)

Check Out This Site: Rockefeller Drug Laws (Drop The Rock)

I just realized that i really wanted to change this blog into something ...more informational. Of course my personal stuff may pop up from time to time, but diary's are meant to be kept a secret, and read when I'm dead...Lol.

P.S. is it true that 50 put out a sex tape with ...Rick Ross' Baby Moms? TRIFLIN!!!
If yall have my e-mail address e-mail me from time to time im sorta out of the loop


If not heres my new one Super.w0maan@gmail.com (tell me a story...something...dang!)

SOOOO Hopefully, I'll be back soon.

Back to my Law and Order episodes and my chocolate ....everything (Chocolate milkshake, candy, bars, cereal etc etc)

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2 Schitzos Talking

1. i cant remember if i have your email. i have it now though (=

2. thats really cool that you got to do a live chat session with mr simmons and you got to hear cousin jeff speak (see, its the exact reason i'm enrolling in school and staying on campus etc etc lol...you didnt really think it was for the parties did you? -looks away- lol)

3.i'm kinda on the go at the moment but when i get stationary i will definitely be checking out the rockefeller drug laws

4. glad you got your computer fixed..i was wondering whats been up with you

i'll be in touch lol



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