Is It Just Me OR Does T-Pain Look Like....

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I Dont know if any of you were into cartoons like I was into cartoons as a kid. I loved cartoons and I still look at certain ones to this day.

There was this one cartoon with a chick named after and allergy medicine who had dreads

You Know.....Allegra.

Remember Allegra's Window ...

Does T-Pain NOT look Like Allegra From Allegra's Window?

You Be The Judge:


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8 Schitzos Talking

i have NEVER in my life HOWLED instead of laughed until i read this post lmao. he soooo does ! that used to be my show though.

LMAO!!! that is sooooooo wrong....but its true...he does look like her

s-l-o-w-l-y i dieeeeeeee that's hilarious

Shenda!! Your evil.. But.. Couldn't be more right!

OMG I remember Allegra's Window and yes, you are sooo right about T-Pain! I can't stop laughing!

P.S. I liked Eureka's Castle better ;)

SMDH!!!!!!!! MAD @ YOU FOR THIS...or maybe im just made at t-pain for jackin allegras style...

ima need u to stop .

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