So Tired ...


Pulled an All Nighter
Did Not Sleep Yesterday,
Writing Papers and finishing up school assignments
WHY do teachers give you all this shit at the last minute

Its 9:49....I Woke up yesterday around this time and have NOT been to sleep since then

Im Gonna Fall out and DIE!

OK....Getting dressed for class now....

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6 Schitzos Talking

I thought you was Super?

Suck it up !!

LOL.. 'Tis college life, it'll pay off in the end :-D

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I feel you.. I`ve been running on bad sleep for a looooong time.. I`m taking 6 classes & constantly running from one thing to another.. So I`m def there with you...

Man, fuck that. I'll take a B or a C before I pull an all-nighter. I only did that once for Japanese and that's because I love Japan.

9:49? As in the morning?

College folk ...why we do this to ourselves? I think we're addicted to the pressure.

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