Gucci Mane Should Sue Your Ass

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Im Sitting down watching this (Well the first 30 or 40 seconds)

...And this dude starts saying yeaaahhhh, yeaaahhhh, and I'm thinking he just jacked a very well known Gucci Mane ...thing (For lack of better words, or knowing wtf to call it). I KNOW I'm not the only one who has heard Gucci Mane Say Yeaaahhh before his song starts.

Anyway so i laugh it off until he says "Mister Swaggerific" and the laughing ceases because thats not funny. Swaggerific is not cute, or funny in no sense of the word. So now I'm like OK he's biting Gucci's style (I try not to use swag anymore) and then he says "Gucci hat, Gucci Belt, Gucci..." something the hell else then i hear him yell "GUCCI" like Gucci Mane does when he's yelling random shit on his songs. I know guys probably cant stand Gucci Mane, there was once a time when i couldn't either. Somewhere between Alabama Summers and Alabama concerts i kinda grew into his stuff (Not completely, and I'm not a fan) Gucci does his own damn thing and that's why i like him.

So Biting his style is ridiculous and it makes you look like more of a crack head than before J Hood. I can't wait until sheek or somebody fucks you up for real.

And why does he have what seems to be teen aged girls in his video? And why does the label say FT Babs. I was Hoodwinked and Bamboozled because:

1) I mixed the names "J Hood" and Jay Millz" up and saw BABZ and thought this should be interesting. Instead i waisted a couple of minutes of my life that i could have been saving babies, or helping old ladies across the street, or getting waisted on Vodka or something.

Fuck That No Bitchassness Campaigne. Im Starting A New One. Stop Biting. Or ...Get Originality. Or how about this T-Shirt

"SOme Of You 'Rappers' Should STOP RAPPING

The Stop Rapping Campaign.......Yeeaaaahhhhhh (Gucci Mane; not Jay Hood Voice)

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10 Schitzos Talking

Ok. Homie needs to be killed. Prefferably by firing squad but as long ass he's dead I'd be happy. Extreme I know but homie really needs to bite the dust.

-Mr. Heartbreak

I'm wit the stop rapping campaign! No more wack rappers!

any body else down with the stop rapping campaign?

Im going to have my T printed up one day this week

Im dead serious.

Your dead serious? I'll wear one of them shits at the beat battle... Thats a dope idea, we should build on that a lil more, I want one

EVERYBODY is a DAMN rapper..
we need a STOP RAPPING STAMP so when we see another wack rapper tryna push a mixtape or somethin..stamp that 4head the fk up!!

kat williams said 7 laughs a day right...
damn...u started my day off RIGHT!

LMAOOO, girl I don't know what you're talking about I was staring at the video in awe at how horrific it was beginning and when I heard him say "Mr. Swaggerific" I literally burst out laughing, oh goodness that was funny. Wow that was bad. Anyways, you're hilarious and I'm a new follower.

im disappointed with everything j-hood does now... its crazy because i used to think he was sooo nice

i guess him leaving d block behind ruined his life

well i still got his monday night mixtape freestyle on my ipod.

Im down for the stop rapping campaign!

but that may go for Gucci Mane as well cuz we all know his lyrical content is something terrible...

...but I love Gucci (secretly)

....why everyone in the damn hood got that same Gucci hat man???

im convinced the shit was on sale or something...

these niggas look dirty as all kinds of trap house hallways :\


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