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A While back I went to a place called Queens House! which is like a community center for the residents who live in the neighborhood.

There were alot of old people there and they were doing senior citizenly things. A woman walked out of one of the rooms with her Walker. She was Caucasian, possibly Italian or maybe Jewish. She looked at me and my friend and smiled. I have manners so I smiled back and she followed my smile with a statement that almost made me go WTF?, but I wouldn't ever say that to an older person because ....they're old.

She Said: "You People..."
And left it as that for a second; as if she was thinking of what she would say next. So I waited for what I thought would be an inevitable racist remark coming from this old woman. I was wrong because she followed up with "Are the nicest people in the world". Me being "Sista Soulja" as Newnie calls me was stuck on the 'you people' part of her statement. Curious as to what random statement she would make next I just looked at her, confused while she kept talking:

"Your People saved my life. I was in some trouble some years ago when i was about 20 years old (Mind you she's definitely 80, pushing 90) when I used to live in Brownsville Brooklyn and I Almost died when a black woman nursed me back to health and helped me. She saved My Life"

I sat there and thought and almost felt shamed because I realized that living in NY makes you expect the worse from people. And Just Like a New Yorker, .... She amazed me and made me change that mindset. She said she had to go but wished she could share all of the details of her story.

I don't know whyyyyy that story means so much to me, or why I decided to share it, but I've been thinking about that lady since last month when the incident occurred and how amazing her story could have been if she had the time to share it.

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Maybe you should go back and visit her. You might be able to get more interesting/uplifting stories out of her. But when i began reading I thought she was gonna say something racist too, smh. Glad to see it turned out differently

Wow fam. I can't believe it. So racism is dead in some parts.

Maybe a bold statement but honestly, I'm glad to see things are different for not only us but white folks as well.

-Mr. Heartbreak

I Dont Know about Racism Being dead, however Everyone isnt racist, all white people are not racist, and all white people dont have something against blacks.

Go back so she could tell you the story and then tell us what she said. But that "you people" thing doesn't really settle well with me. But she is kinda old

That's a great story. After being in New York for 3 hours I already started to hate everyone there, so you're not wrong for expecting the worst.

it really does make u think and become aware of ur surroundings..the ppl around u!

i was stuck on the "you ppl" part BUT atleast her thoughts about "us ppl" were good..where as before im sure her opinions were fkd up..

this is something i can definetely relate to...although alot of us like to believe shit has changed as far as the truly hasnt. perfect example. my blog about the shooting of the officer and my blog which i plan on retracting was my views based on experience after reading your comment and seeing crispy perm aka al sharpton sniffing all over the story i thought about what you said and maybe every shooting isnt a racial thing.... anyhoo i feel you on all counts and hey *shrugs* not every brooklynite is right sometimes some us bitches are dead wrong! and i just wanted to say that...g'day bk

not all people are bad...and not all white people are there are some angelic people out there you just have to be lucky enough to meet them and open minded enough to accept them.. im glad you hold onto that encounter.. trust you will need it as you get older

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