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...Because your wasting my time.


-I have to stop rolling my eyes at unsuspecting citizens....

-I have to stop being the typical black woman and whispering under my breath "I would have whipped his little ass" everytime I see some wild ass child thats not behaving

-MTA ......Fuck You

-2 Dollar fares ....Fuck You

-If more people could keep it real with themselves, they're lives wouldn't be so hectic, they wouldn't have to pretend all the time.

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7 Schitzos Talking

Lol. Where the hell did you find that picture?

I agree with you that people should keep it real with themselves but then again, its easier for people to lie to themselves so that way they can escape reality. I don't know that for sure but I do know that once upon a time, I lied to myself. It was when I decided that I caused myself a whole bunch of fucking drama. I don't know. Lesson learned I guess.

-Mr. Heartbreak

That picture just ruined my morning, thanks a lot Shendy.

I like the new layout, but it seems a bit soft for you. Pause.

@omCorleone I Agree, i wasn't gonna do it but i couldnt find nothing more thugged out ....

Yes... I'm now following you because anytime I can say... Oh yeah. Shit.. I DO need to stop doing that, LMAO, you're the one for mee (like SWV) and Assata is my FAVORITE book of all time; read that joint about 6 times. Although Queen is a close second. :)

i need to send a few of those ur way..

for the first time I have nothing to say.

LOL @ Dom's Pause.. hahaha.
I agree, the layout doesn't complement ur swag.. it aint hood enough, lmao. i feel u tho, they don't have many good choices anyway.

But damn that picture is funny! lol.. and i agree w/ the last statement about ppl's lives. we're all guilty of pretending.

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