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So, I once posted some of my favorite (Yet Random) Graffiti pieces and decided to actually talk about an Icon. Keith Haring is probably mostly known for his "Crack Is Wack" Mural (Which is definitely my FAVORITE mural EVER created), which was before my time (1986) but definitely holds a special place in my heart.

Not only was he an amazing artists but he was also a social activist whose work basically spoke volumes about the conditions of New York as well as the city's culture. Keith Haring who was born May 4th 1958 but found out he had contracted AIDS in 1988 and quickly passed away soon-after in 1990.

Ignorance = Fear


Glory Hole

Free South Africa

Be Smart Don't Start

Safe Sex

I Plan On Re-Creating this For something. Maybe his birthday, His Death Date Or Something. He inspired me to re-create this but with portraits of myself. THIS IS GONNA BE SO DOPE!

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11 Schitzos Talking

i take it he was gay? true artists make art with a message, just like he did.

You don't have to be gay to contract HIV/AIDS, but in the 80's... that's probably what led to it. He reminds me a bit of Basquiat.

nah i know that.. but from the art, it seems like a lot of homosexual ideas being expressed. you don't have to be gay to paint that either, but it's just my assumption. it's not fully about the aids, though that was thought to be the "gay white man's disease" in the 80's

Yes he's gay to end that LOL! OPENLY gay

i concur with k michel...his work favors jean michel basquiat... thank u for introducing me to his work bk *tips yo fitted*

K. Micheal and Pro's Hood

Both artist were on the scene around the same time Keith Haring had just found out he had AIDS the same year Basqquait died (then Haring Died two years later) and both were influenced heavily by Andy Warhol. They rolled in the same circles (i.e. Warhol, Madonna)

That only makes both men a tad bit more interesting.

omg so dope..
i love that first "crack is wack" the safe sex one

He had me up until the two guys wanking each other. Hmmmmm, not feeling that one.

this is really :)
i would love to be apart of re-creating some of his work with you if its possible

you know i've been trying to find out who this particular artist was because his work is so unique and amazing. The cover of that book "My Heartbeat" was influenced by him and I always wanted to know who it was by. Glad I got that figured out.

Thankx for this post.

Oh and when I see these drawings I think of sesame street.


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