For Every Girl Who Will Never Be THAT GIRL


If she's not talking about Jason, I dont know who she could possibly be talking about.

I posted this on twitter, but I know alot of my followers on Blogger, refuse to make a twitter account.

"But my vagina is not your Walk-through closet, You wanna stuff your unmentionables through me, want a place to hang up your insecurities"

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8 Schitzos Talking

LOL @ "walk in closet" but VERY. TRUE. Very.

I told you I'm back, S.W....:)

Yes Hunny Bun You did!!!

Im so happy, we realllyyy missed you. No like seriously there was a group of us (Mostly me, Rae, JuJu, Teems, and Miranda Marie) wondering where the heck was Reggie.

Yeah I got the backlash from Ran on Twitter, Rae on Facebook but I really missed you guys as well.

I ain't going nowheres this time. I got some big ish for the rest of 2009.


Wow.. That was so powerful & definitely emotion-filled.. Scary business..

this is SWC and we wish u could come out 2 it shall be a dope event

she was snappin like NO tomorrow on this! i had to get myself together after watching that video. hell i watched it twice.

brave new voices is my shit son!!!!! mannnnnnn she illed it!!!!!!! i was all over here amped n shii!!! DOPENESS!!

i love this showww! i didn't know alot of people were up on this but her shit was tight. i think every female can relate to this in some way.

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