When Mosquitos Attack.


OK So The other day I Killed a Mosquito, and I honestly think that his family friends and fellow Gang members are attempting to get payback.

I would call a truce, and never kill again, however, I think I might have taken it to a level where i cant even Apologize to them. They are clearly not trying to hear it. I feel that way because I count over 10 mosquito bites that have occurred over the span of 1 week.

SMH. Its all good. They keep playing I'm fighting dirty, with the Raid and the OFF!

Thats right, pulling out the big guns.

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4 Schitzos Talking

DEAD!!!! you play too much lmao

you ain't the only one! them heffas got me too! like 12 bites! not to mention multiple ones on my feet!



LOL!!!! i woulda took it to another level and concocted an evil potion and set it OFF! lol..

WAR! lol. thats what i did when i had a million "ant" march... oh.. i pulled out my BIG guns.. lol. they aint ever came back!! lol

Loool!!! Mehn I don't mess with those Mosquitoes..they are dangerous...I learned my lesson a while ago in Nigeria and trust me the mosquitoes there are hugeee

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