BLOW UP: Like The World Trade

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"Now Im in the Limelight, Cause My Rhymes Tight Its Time to get Paid BLOW UP LIKE THE WORLD TRADE"

It says something about Flying to New York VIA Pakistan International. Thats Offensive.

Cookie Monster VS. The Twin Towers

An AD saying that if they used asbestos the twin towers wouldn't have burned down.
That sounds like a Lose/Lose situation.

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8 Schitzos Talking

wow where did u find these pics...thats sad...

dope pics lil sis...they tell a story and i love it..even the ones on the side that start with you being born in bk and continue with your story..thats dope and i wanted to do suttn like that n just dont ever have the time to do it though

the asbestos pic creeps me out

where did you find that ad?

I don't understand the point of a building that took employees 2 whole hours to evacuate. That does not sound safe at all. Sorry if I offended anyone with that. :(

Im not offended at all the building was basically constructed to bring monetary means to the city. A building where they documented all the money flowing through new york and a huge building meant to be a landmark as well as a place to bring thousands of jobs to the city(thats why its called a TRADE center, trade is usually associated with money). Thats what it did.

Who would have thought in 1966 (actually they planned it in the late 1930's early 1940's but ground was broke to begin construction in 1966) that a crazy deranged man with a beard would have instructed other crazy deranged people to fly planes into the building.

And as far as it taking two hours to evacuate there were 110 floors and probably 110 THOUSAND people tryint to leave at ONE TIME. Pure chaos.

Yes...I know what a TRADE center is. And in my honest opinion skyscrapers are still stupid. No one should be 1,300+ feet up in the sky with no way to get down in case of ANY emergency (not even talking about the "crazy deranged man with a beard" who was just a scape goat used to turn American's attention elsewhere while the "government" [ha ha] destroyed the economy..but that's a different topic for a different day) whether it be catastrophic, or a simple fire drill. In case of any real emergency, all of those people in that building would bot have gotten out safely anyway, whether it was 1930, 40, 66, or 2001 a mile high building is a bad idea in any decade in my opinion.

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