I Got A Story To Tell......

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So One day Me and Biggie Smalls was Out Coat Shoppin'

Biggie talkin' about "Yo Get The Red and Black Lumber Jack"
Im Like "Nah Poppa, It wont look right without the hat to match"
Biggie said he only got enough for the coat.....

so T.I. Shows up and he's like "Shenda, You can have whatever you liiikkeee" So Im Like NAH MAN CHILL

Jim Jones Come Outta No Where Going "You should fuck with me shorty kuz im Ballliiinnn"

Im Like whatever So This dude Kanye talking about "I Aint saying she a gold digger..."

I tell my homeboy Boosie to tell these dudes im "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T"

These losers didnt know what that meant so boosie got mad and yelled "Do You Know what that mean?!? ....She got her own house, her own car, two jobs work hard she a bad broad"

Truth is ...i aint have no car or no house, im young, so Ne-Yo clarified it and said "She might want, but dont need you"

Im like "thanks Ne-Yo... Hold my purse." He held it and Jim Jones was Like "This dude is Gay"

So Jay-Z told Jim Jones "STFU You mad cuz You Aint Got A Swagger Like Us"

Jim Jones said "F*ck You Im Balllliiinnn" (damn i thought is that the only thing he can say...)

Jay-Z Goes "I'll Slap The Shit Outta You Im A American Gangster..act like You Know"

Lil Wayne Says To Jay-Z "Man Im The Best Rapper Alive" So Hova slaps him and tells him "stop sippin' dat syrup."

Wayne got mad and was like "shut up man you can Li-Li-Lick me like a lollipop....No Homo"

Rihanna Comes out of no where yelling "All Of Ya'll Just Need To Live Ya Life, steady getting this paper" And walks over to Jay-Z

Beyonce was shoe shoppin in Betsey Johnson and seen Rihanna all in Hova's Face and came out and pushed Rihanna away from Hova and said "If He Liked It Then He Woulda Put A Ring On It"

Rihanna smirked and just walked off singing "How bout a round of applause"

This shit was getting crazy....So then Amy Winehouse comes by and see's Lil' Wayne and they mad cool because ...you know they got alot of "stuff" in common. They started talking about Rehab and Amy was like "No, No, No"

Soulja Boy came by with a cape on dancing and stuff with Ciara.

Ciara was like man i cant take this, and confronted Beyonce for stealing her song "Like a Boy"

Beyonce was like "To The Left To the Left" all in Ciara Face.

Then somebody started yelling "It's AboutTo Be A WHAT!!! Girlfight" It was Nivea.
She really got mad when she realized Weezy was wit his New Baby Moms.

I got mad and walked off This was becoming too much. So Me and Biggie Chucked The Deuces and Tupac was about to start some shit then he changed his mind looked at big and was like "I Aint Mad Atcha" and walked with us because he wasnt wit the bullsh*t either.

THEN I WOKE UP......Looked around ..damn what a dream.

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12 Schitzos Talking

hahahah... "It was all a dream" ?

Wow, I don't have dreams like that

Cmon man,don't bullshit me,was dat real???????????,L0L,wow,if that's a real dream then, i need to borrow some of your thoughts,fa real.

Lmfaoooo!!! "I was like thanks Ne-Yo, hold my purse!" Lmaoooo!! GIrl you are something else. I loved this!!!! Tell me anotherrrrr!!!

yooo this shit is hottt...hehe ur funny yo!!

I LOVED this! Very creative. Thanks for stoppin by. I'll be stoppin thru real soon...

omg. i loove this story! yu gotta gimme another one! lol.

lmfao! this is sooo funny! i was literally dying over here tryna read ths! its hilarious!

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