Dead Beat Daddies Talk Like This..

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I will refrain from Putting His Real AIM Screen Name because I Know of some Brooklyn People who read my blog who may know him. He's A Really Popular Guy In East New York (Or So I've Heard, Shit I Dont Believe In Popular People Just Like You Dont Believe In Santa Claus When You Have Kids)

Anyway so Me and my homeboy are talking VIA Aim. He doesnt usually hit me up so this nigga must be bored So i decide to entertain his fucking boredom like the great American Citizen and Good Deed Do-er That I Am (Because Maybe His Boredom Can Entertain MY Boredom is the real reason) Anyway I Decided to ask about his Daughter....

Dead Beat Dad To Be (11:58:42 PM): wassup
Super W0maan (11:59:30 PM): hey
Dead Beat Dad To Be (11:59:58 PM): how u
Super W0maan (12:00:38 AM): im good how u
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:00:46 AM): im gr8
Super W0maan (12:02:06 AM): thats wassup LOL hows the baby girl?
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:02:18 AM): she good gettin big
Super W0maan (12:02:18 AM): you been being a good dad
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:02:22 AM): duh
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:02:25 AM): yea
Super W0maan (12:02:28 AM): aww thats wassup lol
Super W0maan (12:03:21 AM): everybody has a baby now, im feeling kinda jealous LOL until i asked to baby sit my cousin's baby
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:03:44 AM): oh lol
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:03:56 AM): how old is ur cousins baby
Super W0maan (12:03:58 AM): she had me up ALL NIGHT, anyway what you been up to
Super W0maan (12:04:02 AM): 4 months
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:04:06 AM): oh ok
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:04:13 AM): lol
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:04:20 AM): i been chillin n workin
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:04:34 AM): havin babies is not a good thing at all
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:04:45 AM): ppl havin kids for da wrong reason
Super W0maan (12:06:09 AM): i feel you. so did you have a baby for the right reason?
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:07:27 AM): no i didnt
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:07:32 AM): i didnt want her
Super W0maan (12:07:49 AM): awww but i know you happy now that she here
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:08:00 AM): yes n no
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:08:02 AM): not really
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:08:09 AM): but im here for her tho
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:08:15 AM): i wanted 2 wait
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:08:28 AM): but u kno how females r
Super W0maan (12:08:50 AM): WELL you keeping it real, and thats whats up be there for ya kid, not JUST financially either, be there emotionally
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:09:00 AM): yea i am
Super W0maan (12:09:04 AM): and YEAH i know how females are but you fellas gotta be more carefull
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:09:07 AM): but its not that easy tho
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:09:18 AM): especially since i didnt want her
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:09:24 AM): but i do love her tho
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:09:32 AM): but its a weird feeling
Super W0maan (12:10:28 AM): i know what you saying, maybe eventually it'll change
Super W0maan (12:10:32 AM): idk
Super W0maan (12:10:50 AM): i dont even want kids i mean i loveeeee other peoples kids but i dont think i want my own NO TIME SOON
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:11:01 AM): idk if its gon change
Dead Beat Dad To Be (12:11:15 AM): cuz my daughter almost 1 and i still feel this way

Eventually the conversation trickled off into what kind of Clothes detergent we use and how he likes doing laundry and shit, YOU KNOW The exciting shit. Anyway. I know i call him a dead beat dad and all but hey thats what he sounds like he'll eventually be. On the other hand i mean he was being real. He was expressing real feelings and its true that alot of females know it takes two to have a baby and they throw that shit in a mans face like he raped her and MADE her dumb ass have a baby. When he dont want to take care of the baby she goes "You aint shit i aint make this baby by myself", when in all reality ALOT of you bitches (I Mean Females) Dont get pregnant alone but you DO MAKE THE CHOICE TO KEEP THE BABY ON YOUR OWN BY YOUR DAMN SELF. It doesnt Justify what a dead beat dad does but SHIT BITCH (I Mean Young Lady) You made the decision to have the baby by yourself despite the fact that this nigga ( I mean Young Man) TOLD YOU that he didnt want a baby so now since you making decisions and shit on your own dont be mad when you have to RAISE THE CHILD ON YOUR OWN. Dont Complain Bitc..I Mean Young Lady...

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12 Schitzos Talking

A lot of ppl are having babies these days. One friend is about to drop her seed and my best friend is pregnant and keeping it. As soon as I graduated H.S., ppl wanted to get knocked up, be grown and become mothers.

I do feel what your saying though about the whole responsibility thing. I guess they felt they were tryna trap the "young man" and make him stay. Oh well

I know I won't be having kids anytime soon, my life has just begun and I have more things to experience.

can the church say amen!

i know a dude back home like this but he expressed his real feelings..

he was like "out of all the abortions she had why did she have to choose to keep mine?. i begged her AND her mom. told them i'd even PAY for the abortion but no she thought the baby would keep me now i cant stand her and yeah the babies mine but i dont claim that lil nigga..they dont ask me for shit and i dont offer..i BEGGED THEM wtf? why me?"

now theres alot wrong with this BUT if the man is begging you not to have the baby..wouldnt that clearly tell u he's not gonna want ANYTHING to do with it when it gets here

alot of females use babies to TRAP men..thnkn there gonna wanna be with them because they have a baby together...NO that just makes u the baby mama that they dont respect..

damn, he was keepin it real, thats a heavy load on someone when there not ready but he's handlin his own, thats whats up.. lol Laundry detergent real excited

1) bitches (I Mean Females)
2) BITCH (I Mean Young Lady)


we have to applaud his honesty..girls these days just want to have kids and they dont care if the dad is there or not, just want attention and people to say "how cute there baby is"..they need to grow up and get a reality check

hmmmm...well at least he's trying some guys dont even do that

WEAR CONDOMS or Dont have sex so you dont have to make these hard decisions, feel guilt, regret. Simple as that.

Wow that shit is on some 50 cent shhhhhh

too all the men and women who treat their children like dolls.

*flips the bird here*

that is all.


Wow. I can feel you on this one. Real talk. I think it's always strange how females always talk about dudes aint shit but then they're the ones conspiring to trap a dude by having his baby. I feel like dude was real. I have to respect him for that.

Peace & much Love to ya!


Aw, man, I remember my senior year broads were getting pregnant like hotcakes. Then, at the Senior class reunion thing to get our yearbooks, these chickenheads were passing the babies around like they were pictures of them of some shit.

I need to start getting on AIM again. Post some funny AIM conversations and shit.

hm , I can totally agree with where you are coming from with this. But sometimes things change you know . I have friends who has had their men be all for the pregnancy and the baby, but when reality sets in and the clock really gets ticking , they have a change of heart , like all of a sudden they are unsure. & It's not fair to blame the woman or man . It's best to blame both, because one made the mistake of not taking her birth control like she should have & the other made the mistake of not strapping up. So they both trapped themselves .

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