His Blood Is On Your Hands

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Oscar Grant A 22 Year Old Man
Arms Locked Behind Him, Handcuffed Hands
He Cant Move,.. Then Like It was Nothing... BAM!
No More Oscar
No More Son, Brother, Friend, Worse Of All Father
To A 4 Year Old Toddler
This Man Had A Daughter
This Time They Didn't Waste No Time
Didn't Waste Bullets from Their .9's
Bust 1 Shot In His Back One Time
See it Took 41 Shots To Hit Amadou Diallo and 51 for My Brother
Wooden Caskets and Crying Mothers
The Streets Erupted in Fire Like The Time Jesus Plagued Egypt
Cars, Houses, Stores, On Fire 'Cause Niggas Is Heated
Sick Of The Way They Being Treated.
But In The End They Still been defeated
History's been Repeated.
Resurrection Of The Past
I Know You Aint Forget The Last
Instead Of Hearing Wedding Vowels and Bells
They Shot Sean Bell
The System Failed
To Jail
They supposed to protect us but they hurting us
dirty politics and dirtier politicians
People we vote for to be in these positions
Insurrection should start in the mind
Its Only A Matter Of Time
Like Langston Hughes Warned About Dreams Deferred
We are A Community, We Are A people, We Will Be Heard
Until Then I Hope They Understand
His Blood Is On Their Hands

Its Elementary/
They want us all gone eventually

--Nas "If I Ruled The World"

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4 Schitzos Talking

That was great. I also liked the name drop of Langston Hughes.

that was beautiful.what was ya brothers name?

wow . that was deep & really nice .

wow shenda..that touched me!
that was well written

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