You Be Lying....

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Yo, You ever had this one friend who lied about something that you would have never thought they'd lie about? I gotta be careful of what i say because me and the person I'm talking about have some mutual friends who read my blog (Not that i care because everyone who knows me also knows my moniker "I'm a Thug" (Lmao), however i don't enjoy being reckless).

Intermission: "Im a gangsta grandpa and im proud of it" - 50 Cent (GRODT The Movie)

It's not because I'm afraid it'll get back to them but more-so because the "Secret" that this person told me is something i would never run off at the mouth about even though we are no longer friends

Anyway I'm just traveling all across the world .....wide web and i come across "the person". Lets make a long story short. "You" told me that "You" had an incurable disease of the sexually transmitted nature. Now "You" have been in numerous relationships after "you" told me this, where "you" have been sexually active....and I'm just not understanding how "you" are getting away with your life. SURELY someone would have KILLED "you" by now.

I think "You" Lied,
AND that's a desperate cry for help, Which isn't shocking when it comes to "you" because "you" have tried other EXTREME ways to cry out for attention and help. When i say Extreme Blog World I Mean EXTREME.

However i would like to know if "you" sexed someone who we both know (If i put too many details here it'll let the cat out of the bag) because if you did ...

*Starts Singing Sean Paul with a twist*
"You be burning not concerning what nobody wanna say ........"

Which brings me to the subject of attention seekers.

Why do people lie about things to get attention. Things that they don't really want to be known for. Like ....the person above, or like women who lie about who their child's father is, or perhaps men who lie about who they've had sexual encounters with (sad......just sad), or even women who lie and deny who they've had sexual encounters with (fellas, You know i got you guys as well, i don't "Man-Hate")

With that being said. I wash my hands of you, and your dirty little secret (Oh yes, Pun intended) is safe with me. However if i do find out that "you're" infecting anyyyyyy one i know, I'm letting the cat out of the bag. I'm telling because, intentionally and knowingly spreading diseases of the sexually transmitted nature is Trifling and Disgusting...Not to mention that its also trifling (Oh, i said that already).

You should have just bought you a damn puppy who would have showed you all the attention you want.

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whooo chiiiilllle. i thought knowingly doing that was also illegal. lol. but i have a few friends who do that and it really chaps my hind parts.

dead@ chaps my hind parts ______________________flatlines every one has a friend like that. My man's ex happens to be like that extremist...always looking for a sympathy hug... bitch dont know mine will accompany my timbs sole tattoo'd on her ass :0) Hello BK!!!!

smh, i hate ppl like that but you definitely don't play with STD's. that is no joke, it's disgusting to even claim you have something like that. i hope she was lying since she's still sexually active and whatnot, but she needs help... if you need to go that far for attention, there's definitely a problem... i'd never try to seek attention that way. smh.

back in the day my friend use to lie about how much "wears" she had and say jay z was her uncle or cousin (depending on the day)! I liars... and especially those doing dirty transfers! That's one check that doesn't bounce!

Hey I found your blog through someone thats following you,


I truly think that your friend is so wrong, and if she is infecting people she will reap what she sews.

It scares me when females and males do things like this, I truly hope that if she is infecting people she stop.


thats a shame man. i know a couple ppl like that and i know that one day they will be caught and as previously stated they'll reap what they sow. and that's biblical. God said that ish. but if this person is keeping it a secret intentionally and it's affecting any of the ppl you know then i say air her out..point blank.

Damn, this shit is crazy. Lets ride on this fucker? All you gotta do is say the word haha. But attention needers always get on my nerves because they cry to EVERYONE who will listen. But why? Im still trying to figure it out.

Yo, remember "Perry" from Sears, the habitual liar, and how he found out "Buttcheeks" was his cousin? Tell me why my co-worker told me this nigga said his cousin, "Buttcheeks" walked in on him doing it to her friend and he asked her if she wanted to join.

I hope he was lying about that shit.


I just accepted people lying in life, no one is ever honest.

Damn, you have to be desperate as shit to lie about having an STD... or demented, wtf =\

That is strange, good luck with that one.

Damn this is crazy.. This girl needs help forreal. Like J. Rae said I think It is illegal!!

niggas reallly do be on that lyin shit for attention...
he need to be dismissed..

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