Dudes Say The Darndest Things (1)

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OH Yes, you see the one because this wont be the last time i post one of these....

So my bestfriends homeboy (Who claims he has a crush on me) text me and said wassup.
When i dont really feel like talking to someone I tell them "Jesus Loves You". I dont know why, its a habit. Conversation goes like this:

Him: Wassup
Me: Jesus Loves You
Him: I Know YOU love me, I Love You Too
Me: Jesus is Mad At That Statement He Does Not Approve, Not At All
Him: Jesus Is Proud Of That Statement, He wants us to Love Each Other
Me: .....LMFAO, Are You Serious? Is That Your Final Answer?
Him: Yeah
Me: LMAO Clown Ass Nigga, You So Corny, im going to sleep

He was dead serious, he got upset. HOW DARE HE get mad.

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13 Schitzos Talking

Hey maybe a easy girl goes for it...that was pathetic tho...lol

Lol @ "Jesus Loves You" when you don't feel like talking...Feels the theme song...I love the song "Smoking Gun"

I like how you titled this post "Dudes" say the darndest things when you answered his "Wassup" question with one of the most random phrases that you could possibly have said.. How do you expect him to respond to that, honestly?

Talk about the pot callin the kettle black Shendy.. LOL

Dom, he knows what it means, theres a difference if you dont know what i mean by it!

Lol @ Jesus Loves You, I'm gonna start telling people that

Usually when people say "Wassup" I say the "sky" or, by quoting Doctor Manhattan "Up' is a relative concept. It has no intrinsic value."(Nerd shit)

I guess if he knows what "Jesus loves you" means, he deserved it. I'm sure Jesus would prefer if you loved him back though.

i def wouldnt have said that


I like your blog... Its much better than e riches

Lol, I find that hilarious. Dudes a little emotional.

@Lelan Ha Ha Ha!! THANKS!
1 for me 0 for eric!

Who asked Lelan? I'm sure my blog would be better if it was "T-Jay's" blog.

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